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The success of the iPhone 12 Series in such a short period of time is remarkable. Now, according to the latest data, these four models accounted for 56% of iPhone sales in the United States in the first quarter of 2021. CIRP statistics show that iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max have the largest single model share, accounting for 17% in the first quarter of 2021 respectively.

The iPhone 12 Pro is slightly behind the two. Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 Mini didn’t sell as much as apple wanted. Previous data showed that the 5.4-inch phone had the worst sales of the four models between October and November. In fact, apple is said to have had a poor response to the model, forcing it to cut production by 2 million units.

Throughout the quarter, the new iPhone 12 models, especially the most expensive, gained a large share of sales. Although these models were not available throughout the quarter, the combination of models and pricing drove us-warp to $873, the highest level in nearly 10 years that we surveyed iPhone buyers. Us-warp is similar to the average price figure Apple disclosed two years ago. The iPhone 12 has 17% of sales and costs $100 more than last year’s iPhone 11. The $1099 iPhone 12 Pro Max has the same share, followed by the $999 iPhone 12 pro. For all models, about half of the buyers upgraded on the basis of basic storage, further increasing the average price.

CIRP reports that about half of iPhone 12 buyers buy higher level models to get more storage space. This has led to an increase in Apple’s ASP (average selling price). In terms of global sales performance, the 6.1-inch version will become the world’s most popular 5g smartphone in October 2020. While these numbers are impressive, they may not represent the overall picture, because CIRP’S results are based on a survey of 500 U.S. customers who bought iPhones between October and December 2020.

CIRP: the sales of new iPhone 12 in the United States account for 27% of the total sales of iPhone. Tianfeng International: it is estimated that the sales of iPhone 12 series will exceed that of iPhone 11 series. DIGITIMES: it is estimated that four iPhone 12 will consume 6% of the global flash production in 2021 Apple Insider: data show that iPhone 12 Pro Max is more popular than iPhone 12 Mini Se sales account for 22% of total iPhone sales counterpoint: in October 2020, the world’s most popular 5g mobile phone is iPhone 12idc China: apple is expected to increase its market share in the price range above $600 CIRP: in 2020, Q2 Apple’s iPhone se sales account for 19% of all iPhone sales CIRP: in 2020, Q1 Apple’s best-selling model is iPhone 11counterpoint: the cost of iPhone 12 is 21% higher than that of iPhone 11

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