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The cumulative shipment of realm number series is 40.6 million units From Strategy Analytics

The following is the The cumulative shipment of realm number series is 40.6 million units From Strategy Analytics recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Android, Strategy Analytics, Intelligent mobile phone.

Strategy analytics pointed out that the number series of realm ranked fourth in the “new era smartphone family”, with a cumulative shipment of 40.6 million. “New era smartphone family” mainly focuses on the mobile phone series launched since 2018.

SA further pointed out: “realme’s number series is the mobile phone product line that initially led realme to enter the smartphone market in 2018. Only 37 months after its listing, realme has become the fastest brand with a cumulative shipment of 100 million smartphones in the world, and its number series products have always been at the core of reaching this milestone.”

It is reported that as of Q3 in 2021, the cumulative shipment volume of realm number series ranks fourth in the ranking of ‘new era smartphone family’. Among realme’s number series, realme 5 is still the best iteration of cumulative shipment since Q3 release in 2019 – its total shipment is 12 million units in the whole product cycle.

SA believes that since 2021, realme has begun to implement a large-scale geo diversification strategy. With its cost-effective 5g support and improved camera and screen functionality, its number series is expected to once again play a key role in the promotion of multinational markets and the acceptance of diversified audiences.

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