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The first month sales of the galaxy S21 Series in the United States are three times that of last year’s S20 From Strategy Analytics

The following is the The first month sales of the galaxy S21 Series in the United States are three times that of last year’s S20 From Strategy Analytics recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Strategy Analytics, Intelligent mobile phone.

According to strategy analytics, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is very popular in the United States – the S21 model sold three times as much in the first month of its launch as the S20 series last year. Judging from various signs, the big three of S21 have made a good start. It has set a new record for bookings in the UK, with early sales in South Korea 30% higher than the S20, and now good news is coming from Samsung’s other key market.

In the United States, the galaxy S21 ultra is the most popular choice, accounting for more than 40% of S21 sales. It is the most expensive (and the most powerful) of the three mobile phones, but Samsung began to discount earlier than usual, which is believed to be helpful for the sales blowout. SA didn’t segment the sales of Galaxy S21 and S21 +, but they must have performed quite well.

Looking back at South Korea, where the first month sales of the galaxy S21 are also three times that of the S20 last year.

According to the law, in the next few months, the sales volume of the galaxy S21 series, which gradually becomes a sub new one, will naturally begin to decrease, so Samsung has a follow-up plan – according to the leaked schedule, the galaxy S21 Fe will be announced in mid August. This will be an important release, especially when we may not see a new note this year. It is worth paying attention to what to replace the original flagship product in the second half of the year, and the new Galaxy Z folding flagship machine should come in the third quarter.

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