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The survey shows that most people want their mobile phones to have 128gb-256gb memory From GSMArena

The following is the The survey shows that most people want their mobile phones to have 128gb-256gb memory From GSMArena recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Android, iPhone, Intelligent mobile phone.

A few years ago, most people were satisfied with 64-128gb of storage space, but since then they have become increasingly demanding – according to a survey by gsmarena last week, most people are planning 128GB to 256gb of storage space for their next mobile phone. The new survey favors higher storage capacity. 128GB is the sweet spot now, but it’s not expected to last long. 256gb will soon be the first choice. For some people, it’s already.

Things are changing so fast that two years ago, there were a few people who needed 256gb (or more). Now, they are very common. What happened? 8K video, raw photos and HDR images greatly improve the storage demand, as do high-quality mobile games. Due to the growing demand, the built-in storage may not meet the demand, so the microSD card is still very important.

64GB would be an acceptable compromise between midrange and more affordable phones, but most people still require microSD slots. Those files that don’t need to be stored quickly and the convenience of moving them with the card to another mobile phone are still highly valued by more than half of the voters.

More and more people are only satisfied with the internal storage space. We speculate that this number will rise as the market moves towards 256gb and higher capacity.

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