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10% of iPhone users wear it, and apple watch has more than 100 million users From Purchasing drivers and future roles

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Today, more than 100 million users are wearing the apple watch.

According to my personal estimation, apple achieved this important purchase milestone in December last year.

Apple watch has played an important role in creating a new paradigm shift in computing, and the possibilities apple can achieve on the wrist are just beginning.

Apple is also launching new services designed specifically for Apple watch, such as fitness +.

Around health monitoring, apple is constantly introducing new hardware and software functions, and the practicability of the wrist is also constantly improving.

01 relevant data

It took five and a half years for Apple watch to break through the 100 million mark.

As shown in Figure 1 below, since 2015, the growth trajectory of Apple watch installation has not maintained a stable level. On the contrary, the installation volume has always maintained a certain growth rate. The 30 million new Apple watch users in 2020 are almost more than the total number of new users in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Figure 1: Apple watch installed (in millions)

Figure 2 below mainly shows the proportion of Apple watch purchase to iPhone installation between 2015 and 2020.

Apple watch is actually a good foundation for the potential size of the iPhone market.

Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, Apple’s new ecological function family setup for Apple watch allows families without iPhones to pair their GPS + cellular watch with their own iPhones and apple IDs.

Figure 2: proportion of Apple watch purchases to iPhone 5 and subsequent iPhone installations

By the end of 2020, about 10% of iPhone users are wearing Apple watch. Considering the different technical requirements of iPhone users, this proportion is already very high.

Since the United States has been the headquarters of Apple watch for many years, compared with global data, the trend of Apple watch purchase in the United States has been relatively high. By the end of 2020, about 35% of iPhone users in the United States are wearing Apple watch.

This is already a shocking data, enough to ring the alarm for Apple’s competitors interested in wearable devices.

02 comparison of installation quantity

After breaking through 100 million users, apple watch is the fourth largest installed Apple product, second only to iPhone, iPad and MAC.

According to the current sales trend chart, the number of Apple watch installations is expected to exceed that of MAC in 2022.

If you want to exceed the number of iPads installed, it will take longer. According to the current sales trend chart, it may take several years to better estimate.

03 growth potential

The purchase of Apple watch shows that the product is recognized worldwide and has enough appeal.

At the same time, through this series of data, we can see the sales growth potential of this product. With the passage of time, apple watch is bound to achieve a higher purchase volume, and it will become the sales growth engine of Apple watch for many years in the future.

Do some simple calculations. If one day 35% of iPhone users in the world wear Apple watch (as mentioned earlier, about 35% of iPhone users in the United States wear Apple watch), then the number of Apple watch installations will exceed 350 million, which is 250% more than the current number.

Of course, if we refer to the 35% figure, we may eventually underestimate the sales of Apple watch. In fact, nothing can stop a higher percentage of iPhone users from wearing the apple watch.

More importantly, the future of Apple watch can be truly independent of the iPhone.

Opening Apple watch to non iPhone users can expand the potential market of Apple watch by 250% in a very short time. Globally, if 10% of all smartphone users wear Apple watch, it will not be difficult to achieve the goal of 350 million users wearing Apple watch.

What are the factors driving the growth of purchasing volume?

There are four main factors behind the steady growth of Apple watch purchases

1. Fundamentals of wearable devices

Wearable devices can make technology more personalized with a new look and design (that is, how we use the product).

Users are interested in Apple watch because it can handle tasks done on more powerful devices such as iPhones and iPads, and even complete new tasks.

In terms of the design of its wearable devices, it has no factors that can limit its potential market expansion, nor does it have any limiting factors that lead to its potential market size not exceeding that of mobile devices.

On the contrary, wearable devices may be one of the few product categories that can realize a larger potential market than smartphones.

Given the current high volume of smartphone purchases, it could be a tough victory if it does.

2. The charm of wrist

Whether it is displaying text information and data, or monitoring daily activities and signs of life, wrist is a valuable position that can bring practicality to the body.

The Swiss watch industry seems to have missed out on the real value of its means of selling intangible assets such as prestige and wealth.

The value of the wrist has been undervalued before, and apple just saw that and benefited from the launch of the apple watch.

3. Cool factors

People will think that Apple watch is a fashionable digital product, and hope that others can see the apple watch on their wrists.

Apple watch has gradually developed into a cool and affordable brand. Regardless of gender, age, occupation and social status, this smart device has a wide range of attractions.

Apple watch users can add a variety of custom elements to their wrists through different strap, case and various dials.

In addition, apple watch’s strap design is also very comfortable, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing this smart device all day long.

4. Apple ecosystem

One of the secrets of Apple watch’s great success lies in how it eventually became a part of the larger Apple ecosystem.

Apple’s ecosystem is almost unparalleled in the industry. The ability to seamlessly connect with other apple wearable devices such as airpods and other smart devices including iPhone and homepods makes Apple watch more attractive in our daily life and extends the time we use it.

In addition, the ability to use functions and services specially designed for Apple watch, such as fitness +, on other Apple products also helps to consolidate the positioning of Apple watch in the apple ecosystem.

The role of the future

When evaluating the future role of Apple watch in Apple’s product line, there are three aspects worth mentioning:

1. Identifier

As long as the apple watch keeps in touch with the wearer’s skin, the wrist monitoring function of the smart device allows it to maintain recognition of the wearer’s identity chain.

For other apple devices, this is hard to achieve. Even if it can, it can be very cumbersome. After all, it’s difficult for those devices to keep in touch with our bodies for a long time.

We’ve seen that apple used to allow the apple watch to unlock the MAC (which was recently applied to the iPhone) to better reflect this function.

Looking ahead, apple watch’s ability as an identifier will eventually allow us to interact with different devices, rooms and objects in our daily lives.

2. Digital health Guardian

Apple watch can monitor the health status of the wearer 24 hours a day, and issue reminders for relevant problems, while not allowing us to be overwhelmed by a large amount of data and information.

This allows Apple watch to play a key role in our daily life that other devices cannot do.

3. Supporters of facial wearable devices

Although the face is one of the most valuable areas of our body, it is not an ideal place to store a lot of technology.

In order to make facial wearable devices become the mainstream, it is necessary to launch devices as light and comfortable as ordinary glasses.

Not surprisingly, in fact, it is a difficult engineering problem to solve.

With the design and launch of Apple watch, the technology originally used for facial computing can be transferred to a more convenient position on the body.

06 bridge to success

Back in early 2018, I called Apple watch a bridge to the future.

Although the device is largely based on the current user interface reconstruction, it has begun to lay the foundation for the future while relying more on sound, audio and digital identity.

At that time, I wrote in Apple watch is a bridge to the future:

Apple has a unique vision for how to use voice and screen in the future.

Different from Amazon and Google’s efforts to position voice as a breakthrough in the current smartphone / tablet and application mode, Apple’s starting point is completely different.

Apple focuses on mobile screens, and what Apple believes is that consumers will want to transition to more powerful AI and digital assistants in the future through familiar touch screens.

In addition, apple believes that in the foreseeable future, user interaction through the screen (fingers, hands and eyes) will still be an important part of the computing experience.

Today, three years later, I still agree with every word of this passage.

This has now been achieved.

What’s more, the fact that Apple watch is not a futuristic device trying to deal with our current tasks has given it a lot of appeal and growth momentum over the past five years.

Today, there are more than 100 million users wearing Apple watch, and apple can now move towards the next goal:

More than 200 million users will wear Apple watch.

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