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Global education technology venture capital will grow 94% year on year in 2020 From Dealroom

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With millions of classrooms online, educational technology will become the focus in 2020.

Important opportunities

Education is the third largest per capita expenditure item in the UK, and it ranks among the top in the national basic expenditure. Like the healthcare industry, the industry has not yet fully entered the digital age, which makes it a big problem for technology companies to solve. If the latest generation of global decapod companies (valued at more than $10 billion) were built with the goal of prudent spending, the next generation of startups could be much larger. However, between 2014 and 2020, educational technology accounted for only 1.5% of global venture capital.

Financing environment

In 2020, venture capital investment in education and technology will reach 13 billion US dollars, an increase of 94% compared with that in 2019. The growth is mainly driven by Asia. Since 2017, Asia has accounted for 71% of the total global investment in education and technology. Europe has a large number of early stars with a high growth potential, with valuations ranging from US $100 million to US $250 million.

The UK is in a leading position in Europe and has raised US $1.2 billion since 2014. London accounts for 70% of the total investment in education and technology in the UK.

Educational technology investment data

The pandemic is accelerating

Through the compulsory exploration and adoption of digital education tools and services, the new crown pandemic is accelerating the trend of changing all stages of education. In addition to helping children and schools adapt to distance learning, the potential role of educational technology in adult learning and retraining is also rising in view of post pandemic unemployment and the future of automation.

Explore interactive landscape

B2B education technology is still in contention

Mentoring startups and other consumer centric unicorns drives most of the value creation of educational technology. However, the real value creation is in B2B space, which depends on the budget of enterprises and schools.

The return on investment of universities, especially in the United States, is getting worse and worse because the growth rate of expenses is faster than that of wages.

Although undergraduate enrollment in the United States has fallen by 4.4% this year, enrollment in schools offering income sharing agreements (ISAS) has increased.

Alternative learning

Education is no longer only provided by educational institutions. All kinds of companies offer opportunities to learn through real life contacts.

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