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How can AI enable education? From Sowing the future

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On March 3, the Ministry of education, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a document to speed up the cultivation of graduate students in the field of artificial intelligence in “double first-class” universities; On March 4, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting and proposed to speed up the construction progress of 5g network, data center, artificial intelligence and other new infrastructure, so that the development of artificial intelligence related industries and personnel training were promoted to a strategic height. This week’s topic will focus on the theme of AI enabled education, and specifically analyze the application scenarios of AI in the field of education, the investment trend of AI education, and the operation of existing AI education enterprises.

Among them, the application scenarios of artificial intelligence in the field of education mainly include language learning, teaching assistance and intelligent adaptation platform. The broad business prospect of AI education has attracted a large amount of capital. Since 2016, the investment scale in the field of artificial intelligence education in China is about 6 billion yuan, which is still far behind the 15 billion yuan in the United States in the same period. Although the development of AI education in China started relatively late, the number of financing cases has increased significantly in recent years. In the future, it is expected to achieve accelerated development with the help of huge population base, policy support and capital assistance.

At this stage, leading enterprises have emerged in the field of AI education in China, including technology driven, fluent English learning, “intelligent hardware + content” Netease Youdao, C-end extension + b-end promotion of education informatization 2.0 onion college, and iFLYTEK, adhering to the “platform + track” strategy. Driven by policy and capital, with the development of knowledge mapping, cognitive computing, natural language processing and other technologies, and the cultivation of consumer habits, AI will cover more scenes of the teaching process, access more core teaching links, improve teaching efficiency, improve teaching quality, and promote education equity.

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