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Top apps of online education in April 2021 From Qimai Research Institute

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Recently, Qimai data released the list of popular online education apps (IOS end) in April, including download list and revenue list.

From the top 3 application ranking of the two lists, “driving test dictionary” won the top 1 of download list and income list, and “Xuexin” rose one place in download list to enter top 3.

April Online Education Download List

In the top 3 of the download list, “driving test dictionary” and “homework help” ranked first and second for two consecutive months The ranking of “” rose one place and occupied the third place.

In April, there were five new apps on the list, three less than last month. The types of new apps are mainly focused on preschool education and language learning: there are four kinds of preschool education apps, namely “beilehu children’s songs”, “picture books with fish”, “Jiaojiao College” and “baby bus”; There is also a language learning app called duolingo.

In the top 30, although the number of K12 educational apps decreased by 1 compared with March, the number of K12 educational apps still occupied the top 1 with 9; Compared with last month, the number of pre-school education apps on the list increased by 4 and 6, ranking second.

From the perspective of APP companies, ape education continues the advantages of four apps listed last month, and is still the company with the most apps on the list; Next is Baidu and Xiaozhou, both of which have two apps.

Online education revenue ranking in April

The top 3 of online education income list in April is still “Hong En literacy”, “driving test dictionary” and “Uncle Kay telling stories”, ranking the same as last month.

There are six new apps in the revenue list in April, one more than last month. It includes five preschool education Apps – “Ivy dad”, “lingumi”, “Wukong literacy”, “Hong En English” and “huala Lighthouse”; One k12 education app “seven days school”.

In April’s income list, the number of pre-school education apps on the list is far ahead, with a total of 10, an increase of 3 compared with last month; Followed by the language learning app, a total of six were included in the list, one less than last month.

The number of apps on the list of Hongen education is still the largest, with a total of four apps, one more than last month; The second is fluency, which is still the second in the number of two models; The rest of the manufacturers are on the list.


In the online education rankings in April, the number of preschool education apps increased significantly: five new apps in the download list were preschool education apps, and there were six in top 30, an increase of four compared with last month; There are 10 pre-school education apps in the top 30, accounting for 33% of the list. The “recovery” of preschool education apps broke the pattern of the large number of higher education and language learning apps last month, and restored the previous advantage of absorbing money.

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