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The magic year 2020 is about to pass, and the summary rankings of various fields have been published one after another. Recently, the Japanese media published the “total sales list of Japanese comics through the ages”. Let’s take a look at the total sales of your favorite comics?

·Top 10 of the total sales list of Japanese comics

No. 8: the blade of ghost killing. 120 million.

The strongest of the year, no one knew before animation, after animation straight into the sky, now has become a national level.

No. 8: death. 120 million.

Once one of the migrant workers, wonderful plot and a little controversial style of painting do not affect its sales.

No. 8: slam dunk. 120 million.

Basketball man is even the best in sports. Many famous sayings in his works and the theme song with infinite circulation are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

No. 7: the delicious challenge. 130 million.

Food is the most important thing for the people. This work is the peak of many food department comics.

No. 6: Wulong police station. 156.5 million.

He has won the Guinness Book of records in a super long series. The feature of daily laughter has become a necessity in life.

No. 5: Detective Conan. 230 million.

Don’t ask me why I’m persecuted and don’t rush to grow up and go back. It’s death’s job to spread the plague of death.

No. 4: Naruto. 250 million.

Exquisite painting style, tortuous plot, and tear jerking bridge, the only drawback is that the animation is too slow.

No. 3: seven dragon balls. 260 million.

Pay tribute to the introduction of Hainan meichu.

No. 2: skeleton 13. 280 million.

In the front almost occupied by juvenile comics, the only adult comics can learn a lot of historical knowledge after reading.

No. 1: Pirate King. 470 million.

It’s no surprise that we are far ahead. We hope to see a perfect ending in 5 years.

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