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This morning, Douban film list of 2020 was released. In short, “sunshine” topped the list of high score Chinese films, “1917” took the lead in the list of high score foreign language films. In addition, “want to see you” is still at the top of the list of high score Chinese drama series. Here are some specific lists:

Chinese films with the highest score in 2020: Sunshine (8.5), “balloon” (7.9), “one second” (7.8), “Uncle Uncle” (7.7), “eight hundred” (7.6), “half comedy” (7.4), “winning the championship” (7.4), etc.

Foreign language films with the highest score in 2020: 1917 (8.5), “king of speed cars” (8.6), “Joe’s fantasy world” (8.4), “Richard juvier’s Elegy” (8.2), “Little Women” (8.1), etc.

Popular movies in 2020: Togo (8.8), “succession of the Pope” (8.6), “give me wings” (8.7), “beyond the standard” (8.3), etc.

Chinese drama series with the highest score in 2020: want to see you (9.2), “the truth of silence” (9.2), “secret corner” (8.9), “sighing bridge” (8.9), “together” (8.7), “chess soul” (8.5), etc.

New British and American dramas with the highest score in 2020: abandoned soldiers in the rear wing (9.0), creatures in all things (9.4), etc.

Other contents of the list can be found here

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