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Internet of things service and platform providers From Trend observation in 2021

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Omdia view: investment in Internet of things is expected to resume in 2021

In the context of COVID-19, many communication service providers (CSP) and platform providers are prepared for major disruptions in the deployment of IoT.

Indeed, the epidemic has led to the disruption or postponement of expected growth in key vertical industries such as automobiles, transportation, fleet and logistics.

However, the increase of IOT projects in the fields of medical, intelligent building and public utilities has partly recovered the losses of CSP and platform providers.

Omdia predicts that by 2021, the delayed IOT project will be restarted, and enterprise investment will exceed expectations.

COVID-19 highlights the need for enterprises to accelerate the transformation of digitalization. In this process, the application of IoT has played a key role.

Omdia’s “2019 / 2020 Internet of things enterprise survey summary report” emphasizes this point; Nearly 70% of respondents pointed out that the importance of IOT will increase in the next 18 months.

Omdia also expects IOT activities in the areas of healthcare, intelligent buildings and supply chain / logistics to increase as IOT solutions are shown to help fight the epidemic.

Main information

5g will not bring substantial changes to IOT in 2021. However, planning for 2021 will be very important, which is crucial to ensure deployment and promote high growth in 2024-26.

In 2021, data exchange platform (DEP) will help stakeholders in the field of Internet of things break the “isolated island”.

IOT dep realizes data exchange and revenue generation, which represents the next stage of IOT market development. 2021 will be a key turning point for the development of the global IOT dep market.

In 2021, super large companies will expand their dominant position in the IOT value chain.

Super large scale companies have won the advantage and will continue to further enter the IOT market through IOT cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) strategy. However, IOT business is closely related to ecological collaboration to a large extent, so CSP and IOT platform suppliers have many opportunities to cooperate with large-scale companies.

Front line CSP must provide services other than connection. To boost IOT revenue, leading CSPs need to be able to provide services beyond connectivity. Professional and management services, as well as potential businesses around security and software / middleware, are crucial for CSP to move up the value chain and earn more IOT revenue.

The IoT solution is crucial to contain COVID-19’s spread. IOT solutions play a vital role in vertical areas such as telemedicine, intelligent building technology, retail and supply chain, helping private and public sectors to resume business in a safe way and reducing the negative impact of the epidemic in the future.

Advice to CSP

CSP should guide IOT enterprises to understand the benefits of 5g in 2021. Although most CSPs focus on selling 5g to consumers, simple consumer use cases are not enough to highlight the benefits of 5g. Although enterprises are unlikely to implement 5g IOT strategy in 2021, CSP should strive to guide enterprises to prepare for future projects and continue to demonstrate their capabilities through experiments.

Connection revenue will grow, but per connection revenue will decline. Connectivity services are not sufficient to affect the balance sheet of major CSPs. CSP should consider the use of value-added services, such as management services, consulting, software / middleware and security services; These services are especially valuable for small and medium enterprises without it departments. CSP can make use of valuable experience to help enterprises adapt to the current world affected by COVID-19.

CSP must balance the relationship with super large companies. CSP will find it difficult to compete head-on with super large companies. On the contrary, CSP must be clear in which areas of the IOT value chain it can seize the market, and invest its personnel and capital in these areas. Enterprises generally say that super large companies are their preferred partners, so CSPs must establish strong partnerships with major super large companies (even in terms of unequal returns).

Suggestions for platform providers

CSP, trying to move up the value stack, is a potential competitor but also a potential partner of platform providers. Opportunities include cooperative sales, direct sales and indirect sales. Carefully study the platform strategy of leading CSP, determine where cooperation opportunities exist according to the specific situation, and provide the platform in the form of white label for CSP to resell.

IoT applications effectively respond to COVID-19’s need for more eco collaboration. Platform providers should work with other ecological partners to determine how to use IoT technology to fight COVID-19. Most IOT applications require a partner ecosystem, which is particularly important given the complexity of the epidemic.

Platform providers considering IOT data exchange services should ensure that they can effectively expand market-oriented products. IOT data exchange service needs to conduct data transaction in the form of program rather than manual. In addition, providers should consider taking advantage of existing efforts (i.e., creating IOT related and extensible “basic ontology” standards). Finally, providers have to decide whether to adopt a “focused” marketing strategy (i.e. focusing on Internet vehicle data exchange) or a “broad” marketing strategy (i.e. supporting cross industry data exchange).

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