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75% of TV and film broadcasters consider user participation a top priority From JW Player

The following is the 75% of TV and film broadcasters consider user participation a top priority From JW Player recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Internet TV.

Research by JW player, an online video platform provider, shows that in 2020, with the surge in consumption of streaming video and traditional TV, people will watch 70% more video per day than before the pandemic.

The company surveyed 221 publishers, broadcasters, online learning creators and other digital video content producers to understand their challenges and goals. The study highlights four key findings: increased video participation is a major media challenge for all industries; digital publishers see increasing video advertising revenue as their main goal in 2021; new digital native broadcasters are seeking to attract new audiences on new screens; and each company is a video company.

Digital publishers, broadcasters and new media are all looking for ways to increase video engagement, it said. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has become increasingly important as more and more digital media consumers are online, especially since the new crown pneumonia outbreak. For most publishers, broadcasters and new media, this means increasing the average viewing time per session.

Broadcasters are trying to attract new audiences wherever they are. Through the unique program to reach the audience on the new screen, they can improve user stickiness, increase subscription revenue, and try to sell high demand online TV advertising.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, video consumption has increased dramatically. With the increasing number of videos produced by publishers, major brands are taking advantage of the growing consumption to focus on increasing the demand of advertisers. More viewing times and more audience participation reveal the potential of new advertising revenue.

According to the study, half of respondents from all industries said that increasing video participation was their biggest challenge. For TV and movie websites, 76% of people put participation as their top priority, while 54% of broadcasters want to attract audiences on new screens, especially Internet TV and Ott applications.

Last year, the fastest growing video categories were healthcare (52%), diet (29%), hobbies and interests (19%), pets (21%) and fashion (19%). Surprisingly, JW player said in the report that videos such as reality shows / celebrities are on the decline, indicating a growing trend of self-care and caring for others.

A third of broadcasters said making / getting more video content was the biggest challenge, while a quarter said a more compelling live video experience was their top priority. Only two fifths thought that exploring SVOD or PPV was the key.

Finally, JW player says that as video usage changes, it’s more important than ever for new and existing publishers to attract viewers, connect with them, and profit from them. Only with the right tools can companies realize the power of video in this new world.

Source: rapid TV news * this article is compiled by the future media network

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