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According to a report by juniper research, the number of active users of online video on demand will reach nearly 2 billion by 2025, up 65% from the end of 2020. The main driver of this growth will come from traditional broadcasters, who are increasingly turning to streaming services to expand their influence and compete with online video giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

The research report, Ott TV and video streaming: trends, future strategies and market forecasts (2020-2025), points out that traditional broadcasters are turning to hybrid services, that is, profit models that combine subscription and advertising support, such as NBC’s peacock and CBS all access, Their tiered services still generate subscription revenue, but advertise in low-cost segments to lower end-user prices. Zhanbo research predicts that by 2025, advertising spending on these services will reach $1.4 billion.

Zhanbo research points out that with the increasing prominence of subscription services, especially in the United States, different modes are needed to deal with subscription fatigue. The report estimates that the average number of SVOD subscriptions per household in the United States will be four by 2020, but the growth rate will slow significantly from 2021.

“As the market is highly saturated, streaming media providers need to keep their products competitive to retain users.” Research co-author Nick hunt pointed out that “the hybrid profit model is a way for VOD providers to maintain low-cost services, so it is unlikely to be abandoned.”

The report shows that more than 70% of streaming video sessions will take place on smartphones in the next five years due to the emergence of social video on platforms such as tiktok. However, this does not bring a lot of advertising space for each video, which means that in the forecast period, smartphone advertising spending will only grow at an average rate of 2% per year.

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