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In 2020, the total number of TV streaming media devices in use in the world will reach 1.28 billion From Strategy Analytics

The following is the In 2020, the total number of TV streaming media devices in use in the world will reach 1.28 billion From Strategy Analytics recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Strategy Analytics, Internet TV.

According to the latest research report released by strategy analytics TV streaming platform service, in 2020, the number of Samsung tizen devices in use in the world will increase by 21% year on year to 162.3 million, and tizen smart TV streaming platform will further expand its leading edge. Google’s Android TV (+ 42%), roku TV OS (+ 40%) and Amazon fire OS (+ 35%) also showed strong growth, while Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox and Google cast all showed declines. In 2020, the total number of TV streaming media devices in use in the world increased by 122 million to 1.28 billion. Overall, tizen remained number one with a market share of 12.7%, up from 11.6% in the same period last year. After tizen were LG’s WebOS (7.3%), Sony’s Playstation (6.4%) and fire OS (6.4%). The report predicts that by the end of 2021, the number of tizen devices in use will increase to 184 million, while Google, LG, roku and Amazon will continue to compete fiercely.

TV streaming platforms like tizen, WebOS, fire OS and roku TV OS are the foundation of the new era of TV and video viewing. Samsung’s tizen platform has grown strongly in the past five years, surpassing more mature platforms such as Playstation, Xbox and Apple TV OS. Currently, Samsung is benefiting from the ability to provide the tizen platform and deliver targeted ads to TV and video viewers on TV screens. Amazon, roku and Android TV are also growing rapidly in recent years, and may pose fierce competition for Samsung in the next few years.

There are significant regional differences in the use of TV platforms. Roku is the leading platform in the United States, controlling nearly 20% of the Internet TV equipment in the United States. However, of the 25 countries surveyed in the report, tizen is the leader in 22 countries and WebOS is the second in 13 markets.

David Watkins, director of strategy analytics TV streaming platform, said: “Samsung’s leading position in the smart TV market has laid a good foundation for it to maintain its position as a leading TV streaming platform in the next few years. However, several other major companies are also growing rapidly, and many of them have a lot of resources, which may bring serious challenges to Samsung. “

David Mercer, vice president and chief analyst of strategy analytics, commented: “in this decade, the transition to global Internet TV and video services will be realized by smart TV systems controlled by a few leading technology providers. As TV streaming becomes the preferred video viewing behavior, content providers will increasingly rely on the Internet TV platform and the user interface, analysis, advertising and content discovery capabilities of the companies in charge of them. As we see on smartphones today, we expect that there will eventually be a strategic conflict between content and TV streaming platforms, which will lead to challenging structural and regulatory issues. ” More reading: strategy Analytics: Q2 global tablet market share in 2019 strategy Analytics: global smart TV sales will reach 157 million units in 2018 strategy Analytics: it is estimated that 222 million households in 2018 will now have ultra high definition TV The number of North American pay TV subscribers fell for the fourth quarter in a row Analysis: the proportion of households paying for streaming video services in December 2017 strategy analysis: it is estimated that the total annual expenditure of US consumers on subscription video and TV services will reach US $130.3 billion in 2019 Global consumer spending on SVOD services will reach US $53.34 billion in 2019

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