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Paul gray, senior research manager of omdia, delivered a speech at the super high definition summit in Spain. Although the broadcast of 4K radio is seriously affected by the epidemic and the cancellation of global sports events, he believes that 2021 will be an important year for the popularization of 4K programs.

“The next two years will be the dream of marketers because there are so many channels for sports events,” he told the delegates Gray specifically mentioned the postponement of next year’s Olympic Games, major Football Championships (European Cup in June 2020 / July 2021 and World Cup at the end of 2022), the resumption of regular sports and other cultural activities, and even the extension to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Gray realized that the prospect of 8K should not be ignored. He explained that 8K may be a professional form of performance, and the shipment of 8K TV sets may reach 7 to 8 million by 2024 Olympic Games.

He said that China is full of enthusiasm for 8K. Although no large broadcaster has promised to use 8K at present, many people have demonstrated 8K equipment with 5g functions. “Although the infrastructure is still immature, the huge 5g investment is the driving force to develop 8K content.”

Gray said that a complete UHD ecosystem needs more availability, especially high dynamic range (HDR), which should be integrated into mobile devices, commercial / telepresence services, especially UHD games. “Ultra high definition brings more realism,” he said

Gray’s forecast shows that HDR will account for 35% of all TV shipments in Japan by 2024, although penetration elsewhere will be slower (Western Europe will only account for 15% by 2024).

He pointed out that although 8K TV sales accounted for only 0.1% of unit shipments, they accounted for 1.2% of revenue.

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