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Pay TV growth in India is sluggish in the next five years From GlobalData

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Global data research shows that from now to 2025, the adoption rate of Ott based video services by consumers seeking new content is steadily increasing, which will be the key driving force for India’s meagre 0.9% CAGR of pay TV service revenue.

India’s pay TV forecast research report predicts that India’s cable TV subscription has steadily declined, and the average expenditure per pay TV account has declined, resulting in revenue growth from US $3 billion in 2020 to US $3.1 billion in 2025. GlobalData predicts that between 2020 and 2025, cable subscribers will decline at a compound annual growth rate of 0.6%, while the average monthly expenditure per pay TV account will drop from $1.49 to $1.40 over the same period.

However, although cable TV is in a significant downward trend, it will remain the country’s largest pay TV platform until 2024, and will not be surpassed by direct to home (DTH) until 2025. It is estimated that the annual compound growth rate of IPTV users will reach 19.4% from 2020 to 2025, and the penetration rate of domestic fixed broadband will increase rapidly.

As far as major players are concerned, Dish TV is expected to lead the Indian pay TV service market in 2020-2025, thanks to its foothold in DTH and GlobalData’s focus on providing high-quality pay TV content to drive subscription growth. The service has recently expanded under the D2H brand in Upper Assam and elsewhere in the northeast region, offering more than 650 channels and services, including popular HD channels and exclusive active services.

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Kagan: more and more pay TV providers integrate streaming services China’s pay TV market continues to grow The total number of TV users will reach 51 million GlobalData: the total revenue of China’s multi network convergence services is expected to reach 74.1 billion US dollars by the end of 2025 digital TV research: the revenue of pay TV is expected to drop 14% to 177 billion US dollars in 2024 digital TV research: the global revenue of traditional pay TV and Ott TV dramas and movies is expected to reach 265 billion US dollars in 2018 digital TV research: Asia Pacific region in the next five years Digital TV research: three quarters of pay TV operators will increase their subscribers in the next five years. GlobalData: covid-19 will not slow down 5g deployment. Digital TV research: the number of pay TV subscribers in the Middle East and Africa is expected to reach 54.09 million in 2021, with an increase of 67%. LRG: the total number of pay TV subscribers in Q3 in 2014 will reach 95.3 million. Leichtman research: 2013 Q3 pay TV subscribers lost more than 600000 informitv in 2016: Q3 global pay TV subscribers increased by 3.45 million, up 0.8% month on month

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