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As brands and retailers begin to focus on implementing advertising strategies for the coming year, YouGov believes that it is important that there are many people in the world doing multi screen operations, that is, multi tasking.

For audiences who tend to focus on a range of digital devices, Omni channel or hybrid advertising strategies may be crucial.

YouGov investigated multi screen broadcasting in 17 markets around the world, especially TV as the first screen. Most TV viewers in the market said they used at least one other digital device at the same time (69% of the global sample). Multiscreen is most popular in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Poland and Denmark. Even in Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the market with the lowest multi screen rate, 59% of viewers said they would use secondary digital devices when watching TV.

What devices do people use in the UK and the US?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia related restrictions were introduced novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States and Britain this winter to reduce the spread of new crown pneumonia by reducing the number of people travelling in public places. As a result, Americans and Britons will have more time to stay at home, which could once again lead to an increase in TV, streaming and social media usage if the data from the previous months shows signs.

The global poll shows that about two-thirds of the British (68%) and Americans (64%) who watch TV use at least one digital device at the same time. The data also shows that smartphones are ahead of all other devices when used with TVs. More than half of TV viewers in the UK and the US say they use smartphones at the same time, so mobile second screening seems to be the most effective channel for brands to connect with their audiences and promote their social sharing.

In the United Kingdom, the purchase of notebook computers and devices is also popular in various forms, such as direct screen advertising in the United States.

Because of the new epidemic, people all over the world spend more time at home and have more contact with the media. The scale of advertising opportunities is huge. Knowing how people spend their time at home and what devices they use to spend their time can help guide them where to invest their time and money.

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