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France’s most promising start-up in 2021 From French government

The following is the France’s most promising start-up in 2021 From French government recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Investment & Economy.

According to foreign media reports, the French government and government supported start-ups La French Tech have released a new index that can identify the most promising French start-ups. Among them, the top 40 start-ups are called next40, and the top 120 start-ups are classified as French tech 120. The next40 index and French tech 120 index are somewhat new, because this is only the second version of these two indexes.

Of the 120 startups in French tech 120 last year, 90 are still in this year’s index, and 123 are startups in French tech 120 last year.

Together, these companies generated nearly 9 billion euros in revenue and created jobs for 375, 000 people. Compared with last year, the revenue of French technology companies increased by 55%.

Here’s a list of French tech 120 – the red flag is also a member of next40:

It is understood that if you want to enter the next40 list, you need to meet the following conditions:

Over 100 million euros have been raised in the past three years, or for unicorn, which means that the company’s valuation has reached 1 billion US dollars or more;

In the past three years, the revenue exceeded 5 million euro, with an annual growth rate of over 30%.

As for the 80 startups still on the French tech 120 list:

In the past three years, 40 of them have raised more than 20 million euros in a round of financing;

According to the annual turnover and growth rate, 40 of them were selected.

Of course, these indices are limited to the French private sector. In French tech 120, there are at least two start-ups in each administrative region.

According to these indicators, only a few CEOs in the French tech 120 index are women. The French government believes that technology start-ups should do more in terms of diversification and inclusiveness.

Representatives of six different start-ups from French tech 120 and people from sista, tech your place and future positive capital will gather to discuss these topics.

Being a member of French tech 120 has some extra benefits besides having a cool logo on your website. These companies have access to a network of scientific and technological representatives from different public sectors in France.

For example, if you want to obtain a visa for a company’s foreign employees, or obtain a certification or patent, or sell your products to the public administration, it will become easier.

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