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Global M & a industry trends in 2021 From PWC

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PricewaterhouseCoopers recently launched the global M & a industry trend, focusing on the analysis of the global M & a trend of seven major industries: consumer market, energy, public utilities and resources, financial services, medical industry, industrial manufacturing and automobile, private equity fund, and technology, media and communications. We expect that the next six to 12 months may be an intensive period for M & A transactions. Although the resistance of global M & A activities still exists, opportunities and transformation will become the key words of the trading market in 2021, and the competition may be very fierce. With the rising valuation level and the influx of a large number of capital, enterprises must pay close attention to the fundamentals to create value.

Consumer industry

Portfolio changes continue to drive M & A activity, with large retailers and FMCG companies showing resilience and continuing to focus on value creation strategies. Through M & A, enterprises can acquire growing categories, channels and markets, peel off non core business components and plan to exit non strategic markets.

The trend of accelerating development includes digitization, direct selling, integration of technology and in store experience, contactless distribution, diversification of payment methods, supply chain emphasizing moral responsibility and ESG of brand management. These trends are creating more trading opportunities for companies seeking to gain business resilience or acquire industry disruptors.

In 2021, the high liquidity of capital is expected to continue to promote the development of M & A activities, the establishment of partnership and collaboration, the emergence of more IPOs, and the increase of consumer market restructuring activities.

Energy, utility and resource industries

The shift to net zero emissions continues to have a significant impact on the energy, utility and resource industries, which is also a key driver of M & A activities and capital entry into the industry.

COVID-19 has different effects on different regions and industries, and economic recovery is also different. The impact of oil price continues to affect the value chain of oil and gas industry, which is manifested in asset sale, divestment or shutdown. Downstream assets and offshore drilling companies bear the brunt. We expect that exploration and production assets will soon be similarly affected, followed by oilfield services.

The complexity of reducing carbon emissions and the asymmetry of economic recovery will create opportunities for partnership and investment in technology. M & A may play a key role.

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