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In 2020, the total investment in the game industry will be US $13.2 billion From DDM

The following is the In 2020, the total investment in the game industry will be US $13.2 billion From DDM recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Investment & Economy, Network entertainment.

By the end of the third quarter, investment in games had reached $9.9 billion, exceeding the highest level ever recorded, that is, nearly $8 billion in 2017. In 2020, the total transaction volume of the game industry will reach US $13.2 billion, with more than 600 transactions, which is the most valuable and active year so far this year.

Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia game player’s participation and downloading increased, the game company’s revenue has set a record. In the second quarter, DDM increased the revenue compound annual growth rate of the game industry in the first half of 2019-2024 to 7.7%. Based on the revenue in 2020 and the continued blockade measures, DDM has now revised its forecast for the second time, predicting that the revenue of the game software and hardware industry will exceed $243 billion in 2021. The latest compound annual growth rate for 2019-2024 is 8.7%, 14% higher than the previous revised forecast.


In 2020, the total investment in games will be US $13.2 billion, an increase of 77% over 2019. A total of more than 400 investments were completed, and the trading volume increased by 42% year on year, setting another record.

The number of seed transactions in 2020 is 1.6 times that in 2019, with 151 transactions in total, and the median value of seed investment has increased slightly by 4%. The volume of round a financing increased by 13% year on year, but the median decreased by 32% year on year.


In 2020, the transaction volume of game M & A is close to 11.3 billion US dollars, setting a new record of 220 M & A transactions, with a year-on-year growth of 32%. M & A in mobile (35%) and mainframe / PC (26%) accounted for the majority of the annual turnover, followed by MCG, technology / others and E-sports.

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2020 is still a record year for three key aspects of the video game industry: player engagement, corporate income and investment activities. Digi capital: Gaming M & a volume reached $25.7 billion in the first three quarters of 2016 INFOGROUP: 2 / 3 of us marketers expect DDM spending to continue to grow ESA: 2019 PC and video game industry report China culture and entertainment industry association: Interpretation of China’s game industry development report in 2017 Golden Casino News: global video game revenue market in 2019 will reach US $83 billion ESA: more and more game users, but lower income ESA: average annual salary of us game industry practitioners in 2015 will reach US $97000 China culture and entertainment industry association: it is estimated that in the middle of 2017 Revenue of China’s game industry is about 220 billion yuan CCTV: net profit of 42% of game companies declines in 2018? Top 10 trends of the game industry in 2014 top 5 trends of the game industry in 2014: cloud platform + augmented reality digi capital: investment in Q2 game industry reached US $706 million in 2013 GameIndustry: M & A transactions in global game industry reached US $145.96 billion in 2016

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