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In 2021 Q1, Jimin reported a loss of more than 70000 yuan From Alipay

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Alipay financial platform combined with 10 fund companies, released the first quarter of the basic people’s report, conducted a data analysis of the investment situation of many popular funds in the market. The survey found that more than 70% of the users who hold funds for more than three months are at a loss. In other words, it is very difficult for the new funders who entered the market in the first quarter to make money, or even have floating losses.

However, if the cycle is extended to 2020, the cumulative returns of many funds are still considerable. And the longer you hold it, the higher the probability of profit. Among the users who hold a position for more than one year, nearly 90% of them are profitable.

Data analysis also shows that, in addition to market fluctuations, chasing up and killing down, frequent trading are also the main reasons for the dilemma of “funds making money and people not making money”.

The average return rate of the frequent trading funders is 28% less than that of the immovable funders, and the rising and falling funders earn 40% less than the rising of the net value of the fund.

Earlier, Alipay also analyzed the behavior characteristics of more than 5% users.

15.6% of the investors gave up due to fixed investment,

14.3% of investors are chasing up and down,

8.2% of investors hold short positions,

7.4% of investors buy and sell frequently.

Alipay think tank suggests that investors can set their own profit targets and achieve profits in time, when they are achieved. “Jimin report of the first quarter” shows that nearly 30% of the investors of partial stock funds have profit stopping operations, with an average yield of 14.6%.

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