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New UK lock-in measures were introduced in the first week of November 2020, while 1.36 million jobs were released. However, as the rec’s latest jobs recovery tracker emphasizes, this recovery is not evenly distributed across different regions and industries in the UK labor market.

Job ads in northwest England recovered at the fastest pace, surpassing March levels in early August, followed by Wales. In October, the number of job advertisements in six of the 12 regions in the UK was higher than that in March, with northwest England (+ 36.8%), Wales (+ 33.4%) and Northern Ireland (+ 22.1) taking the lead.

However, the number of jobs in six parts of England continued to be lower than in March. London’s labor market followed closely, with job ads down 18.7% from March, followed by West Midlands (- 9.3%) and Yorkshire and Humber (- 6.8%).

More must be done to avoid skill mismatches in different industries and regions

The analysis also found the differences of career recovery in different industries. Due to the increasing demand of nursing home staff, the work position of nursing staff maintained a relatively stable level from March to October. By October, the number of nurse recruitment advertisements had increased by 39.0% compared with March, preparing for the coming severe winter.

After the spring slump, construction, logistics, food and beverage manufacturing increased significantly throughout the summer and autumn. In winter, the number of recruitment advertisements for food and beverage processing personnel (+ 53.2%) and light truck drivers (+ 43.3%) increased significantly. Seasonal demand will also affect these figures as retail industry prepares for Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas.

With the opening of the whole summer, the recruitment advertisements for woodworking and other construction professions also increased (+ 37.2%). Although vacancies in skilled white-collar jobs, such as software developers and accountants, declined in the first few months of popularity, demand has recovered and is now at the same level as in March.

On the other hand, in the past eight months, entertainment and leisure performed the worst. Despite a clear recovery in the summer, bar staff recruitment ads fell 48.7% in October. The posts of Chef (- 45.6%) and fitness coach (- 36.8%) were also much lower than those before the pandemic.

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