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List of outstanding venture investors in 2021 From Dealroom

The following is the List of outstanding venture investors in 2021 From Dealroom recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Investment & Economy.

Based on dealroom’s data, we analyzed the most outstanding venture investors in 2021.

Top 10 in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)


2、Index Ventures

3, LocalGlobe

4 “capital inflow

5、Point Nine Capital

6、Bessemer Venture Partners

7-Investment Partners


9、Mangrove Capital Partners

10、Balderton Capital

Top ten outstanding investors of round a in EMEA


2、Index Ventures

3、Bessemer Venture Partners

4.Investment Partners

5、Balderton Capital

6. Sequoia Capital



9、HV Capital


Outstanding seed investors in EMEA

1, LocalGlobe

2 ″ capital inflow

3、Point Nine Capital


5、Mangrove Capital Partners

6、Cherry Ventures

7、SV Angel

8.BOLDStart Ventures

9、500 Startups

10〃Hoxton Ventures

Top 10 Global Investors

1、SV Angel

2. Sequoia Capital


4、Kleiner Perkins

5, Andreessen Horowitz

6、Index Ventures

7, GV

8、500 Startups


10、First Round Capital

Global round a outstanding investors

1. Sequoia Capital


3、Kleiner Perkins

4, Andreessen Horowitz

5、Index Ventures

6, GV

7、Lightspeed Venture Partners

8、Bessemer Venture Partners

9、Founders Fund

10、IDG Capital

Top 10 seed investors in the world

1、SV Angel

2、500 Startups


4、First Round Capital

5、Data Collective

6. Zhenge fund

7、AME Cloud Ventures

8、Foundation Capital


10、Vulcan Capital

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