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According to the latest data of refreshiv Lipper, the European fund industry saw a large amount of capital inflow in 2020, with the net inflow increasing by about 61.6%.

For the whole of last year, the total net inflow of European funds was estimated at 574.3 billion euros, higher than 303.9 billion euros in 2019, and much higher than the average annual inflow of 192.7 billion euros from 2004 to 2019.

COVID-19’s global stock market collapsed sharply in March, and then rebounded sharply, partly because of hitherto unknown fiscal and monetary stimulus measures taken by governments and central banks, and the successful launch of the new crown vaccine.

The total amount also marks the second highest inflow of funds to mutual funds and ETFs in the history of the European fund industry, with 483.5 billion euros flowing into mutual funds and 90.8 billion euros flowing into ETFs.

“On the whole, European investors seem to be cautious, because most of the capital inflows are money market funds (268.4 billion euros) and long-term investment products (305.8 billion euros),” said detlef glow, head of Lipper EMEA research at refiniv. “It is worth noting that the flow of money market products is the highest annual flow in the history of European fund industry.”

Money market funds are mutual funds designed to provide investors with a high level of liquidity with minimal risk. They invest in such things as cash, cash equivalent securities and high credit rating short-term debt securities, such as U.S. Treasury bonds.

In contrast, stock funds inflow was EUR 212.4 billion, bond funds inflow was EUR 129.6 billion, and mixed asset funds inflow was EUR 26.7 billion.

BlackRock was the largest fund sponsor in Europe with a net inflow of 24.8 billion euros in December last year. In its fourth quarter results, the U.S. giant said its annual net inflow of $391bn was driven by “record cash flow, active equity and alternative investments, and continued momentum in fixed income.”

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