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Top 500 technology companies in North America in 2020 From Deloitte

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Deloitte released the list of “top 500 technology companies in North America”, which has been ranked for 26 consecutive years, focusing on the fastest growing North American companies in the fields of technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, financial technology and energy technology.

Arrohead pharmaceuticals topped the list with a growth rate of 106508% (2016-2019).

The top 500 North American technology companies are selected based on the percentage of revenue growth in fiscal 2016-2019. In general, the top 500 technology companies in North America in 2020 achieved 175% – 106508% revenue growth in three years, with a median growth rate of 450%.

Silicon Valley wins most

Deloitte’s top 500 technology companies come from 36 states and provinces in North America. Silicon Valley in California continues to emerge with fast-growing companies, accounting for 20% of this year’s top 500 companies. 13% of the companies are from New York City, 7% from New England; 6% from Washington, D.C. and 6% from Los Angeles.

Software dominates for the 25th year in a row

Software companies have maintained the highest growth rate for the 25th consecutive year, accounting for 71% of the list, the highest percentage in the history of the list. Among the software companies on the list, digital platform companies (33%) and enterprise infrastructure and productivity companies (23%) constitute the leading sub industries, followed by financial technology (15%). Since the establishment of the ranking, software companies have always occupied the majority, with a median growth rate of 465% in 2020.

Biotech / pharmaceutical companies ranked second this year, accounting for 14% of the top 500 companies, with a median growth rate of 426% in 2020. Digital content / media / entertainment companies ranked third, accounting for 5% of the list, with a median growth rate of 292%.

Four out of five companies get venture capital

On the top 500 list in 2020, 81% of companies have been supported by venture capital at some time in history.

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