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Total North American venture capital increased by 57% in 2021 Q1 From Crunchbase

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Investors invested $72.7 billion in North American start-ups in the first quarter of this year, according to CrunchBase. Total financing in the first quarter was about twice that of the same period last year, up 57% from the fourth quarter.

Post investment

North America’s late stage and technology growth deals received $51 billion in investment. The total in the first quarter was much larger than any of the previous four quarters.

A total of 432 transactions were completed in the later period, the highest in five quarters. The average round size also increased to US $122 million.

Early investment

According to CrunchBase, an estimated $19.7 billion was invested in round a and B transactions in the first quarter, up 56% from a year earlier and 36% from the previous quarter.

Seed investment

Seed investment in North America performed well in the first quarter, with an investment of about US $1.9 billion. It is basically the same as the same period of last year, with a decrease of about 10% compared with the fourth quarter of 2020.

Investment exit

In the first quarter, large IPOs and mergers and acquisitions were common. In addition, the proliferation of spacs (Special Purpose Acquisition companies) provides an increasingly popular way for start-ups in hot industries to go public.


A total of 397 venture backed companies were acquired in the first quarter, the highest in the past two years. The total amount of M & A transactions with disclosed prices was US $39.2 billion.

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