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Global consumer confidence index for March 2021 From Ipsos

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In March 2021, Ipsos global consumer confidence index, which is composed of 24 markets (compared with the change in three months), was 44.7, up 0.8 percentage points from the previous month. The global consumer confidence index reached its highest level since the outbreak.

The consumer confidence index reflects consumers’ attitude towards the current and future situation of the local economy, as well as their confidence in personal financial situation, savings and large-scale investment. This month, the consumer confidence index of six markets showed significant growth, with no significant decline in any market, including the UK (+ 3.6), the US (+ 2.2), Belgium (+ 1.8), Canada (+ 1.7), Japan (+ 1.7) and Turkey (+ 1.6).

Global consumer confidence index

In March 2021, the global consumer confidence index was 44.7, which was about 4 percentage points lower than that in 2020 March (48.5) and January 2020 (48.7), when COVID-19 did not erupt.

Among the 24 markets surveyed, 7 markets had indexes over 50, including China (71.8), Saudi Arabia (62.9), India (56.9), Sweden (55.9), Australia (55.4), the United States (52.5) and Germany (51.9).

In contrast, only two markets have consumer confidence below 35, South Africa (34.7) and Turkey (33.6), both of which have not exceeded 35 since March 2020.

Although the UK’s consumer confidence index continued to lag behind other markets, the index showed significant growth this month, rising 3.6 percentage points to 48.4, only 1.8 points lower than that in January 2020 (50.2).

Employment, expectation and investment index trends

The consumer confidence index has three subsets: employment index, expectation index and investment index. The employment index represents job security, employment prospects and confidence; the expectation index reflects an individual’s outlook on employment, finance and the local economy; the investment index shows consumers’ investment confidence in the investment environment, personal financial status and prospects. In the latest global consumer confidence index, all three have increased since February 2021. The results of 24 market surveys show that both the UK and the US have significant growth in each index.

Employment index (49.8): the index increased by 0.8 percentage points on a month on month basis, but it is still 6.6 percentage points lower than the employment index in January 2020. Employment indices in the UK and Turkey have grown significantly since last month, and there is no significant decline in global markets. It is worth mentioning that China (+ 3.7) is the only market with employment index higher than that in January 2020.

Expected index (55.5): the index is the largest among the three indexes, only 1.5 percentage points lower than the index in January 2020. Like the employment index, there is no significant decline in the expected index in all markets surveyed. The UK saw the largest monthly month on month increase of 5.1 percentage points.

Investment index (39.2): the index rose 0.7 percentage point. Britain, the United States and Belgium all grew by more than 2 percentage points. Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Hungary showed monthly deficits.

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