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The brand Footprint Report is the annual report of the Kaidu consumer index. The study covers 43 countries and regions on five continents, covering 1 billion consumer households, accounting for 73% of the global population and 75% of the global GDP. The ranking of this report is based on real consumer behavior – consumer reach points. This innovative indicator measures how many consumers around the world have bought a brand (penetration) and how often they buy it (purchase frequency), which truly represents the choice of consumers.

This report reveals that health and safety, convenience, digitization, value for money and diversification are the five emerging consumption trends that drive the growth of the entire Asian market. On this basis, brand growth still follows the five growth leverage principles, namely, new demand, more scenes, more categories, more target groups and wider geographical extension.

The most popular brands in China

According to the report, in 2019, local brands will still occupy the highland of China’s FMCG market, taking the top ten list with the most choices from consumers. Yili brand ranked first for five consecutive years, and Mengniu continued to have more than 1 billion choices from Chinese consumers. Among the top ten, Nongfu mountain spring and Haitian had the fastest growth in consumer touch, with an increase of 10% and 8% respectively. In 2019, xinxiangyin will become another non food and beverage brand in the top ten after Libai with 360 million customers.

Top 10 FMCG brands in China

Yu Jian, general manager of Kaidu consumer index greater China, pointed out: “in 2019, the competition in China’s FMCG market is still fierce. The rise and growth of new brands not only aggravate the market competition, but also bring new vitality to the category pattern. Chinese consumers continue to yearn for high-quality and cost-effective products, and getting consumers from offline cities is still the key to brand growth. “

The fastest growing brands in China

Among the top 50 most popular brands in China, the top 10 brands with the fastest growth have changed significantly. Jierou, a family care brand, became the brand with the fastest growth in consumer touch number in 2019. The number of consumer touch increased by 11%, and the ranking increased by 9. According to the change of consumer demand, while promoting the high-end products, jierou continuously increases product innovation and layout Omni channel, recruiting 5.73 million new urban consumer families in 2019. In addition, blue moon, jinmailang, Taoli and chibang are among the top five brands with the fastest growth.

Top 10 fastest growing brands

(based on the top 50 of overall FMCG CRP)

International brands Ogilvy and Pepsi are among the top 10 fastest growing brands. With the extension of product series, family care brand mystery has won more consumers’ favor. Pepsi has successfully attracted more consumers from offline cities.

The report also revealed the top five brands (including those not in the top 50) with the fastest growth among the five categories of food, beverage, dairy products, home care and health and beauty in the Chinese market.

Top five brands with the fastest growing number of consumers in five categories

(top 30 by category)



Dairy products

Health and beauty

Family nursing

Yu Jian, general manager of Kaidu consumer index greater China region, pointed out: “in this rapidly changing market, brands in the field of fast moving consumer goods, regardless of their size, must do the following three things to become winners: keenly capture and meet more differentiated and personalized consumer needs; use effective content, social media, live e-commerce and other platforms to optimize the brand channel And reach consumers through efficient Omni channel layout. Only brands with outstanding performance in these three aspects can have the possibility of greater growth opportunities. “

In the post epidemic era, China’s consumer market provides new growth opportunities for all brands. Brand must give full play to flexibility and relevance, according to the changes of consumer mentality and behavior, around the new consumption scenarios and marketing links, deeply integrate different consumer groups, and achieve new growth and breakthrough.

By comparing the performance of brands before and after the epidemic, we find that the changes of consumers’ shopping behavior have the following characteristics

The consumption behaviors of Asian consumers during the epidemic period can be divided into four types, namely “excessive caution”, “challenged”, “no impact” and “road to recovery”;

Under the influence of these four kinds of shopping behaviors, the shopping patterns of some markets have changed significantly, while the reactions of some markets are relatively calm;

Health products, cooking and essential products, convenience foods, nutrition and immune enhancement products are booming;

The leading brands in these categories grow through one or more of the five growth levers.

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