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2021 “global fatigue index”: Singapore first From Sleepseeker

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According to Germany’s focus Weekly reported on the 12th, the results of a survey conducted by British mattress manufacturer sleepseeker on 16 major countries in the world show that Singapore ranks first in the world with a fatigue index of 7.2 points. The survey comprehensively analyzed four indicators: sleep time, annual average working hours, Internet time and sleep keyword search volume.

Singapore ranks first in the world in the four indicators of “fatigue”. Among them, in terms of daily online time, Singapore ranks third with an average of 7 hours and 2 minutes, second only to Brazil and Mexico. Experts say the blue light emitted by the screen will affect the quality of sleep and produce fatigue. In terms of working hours, Singapore ranks second with an average of 2238 hours per year, second only to Mexico.

Mexico (7.01 points) and Brazil (6.28 points) ranked second and third among the world’s most fatigue countries, and the United States, Japan, Britain, New Zealand and Australia ranked fourth to eighth. China ranked ninth with 4.59 points. The country with the lowest fatigue degree in the world is the Netherlands, and the fatigue index is only 2.01 points.

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