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2021 liquor online consumption white paper From Jingdong supermarket

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With the improvement of national consumption level, the concept of consumers for alcohol consumption is constantly changing. More and more liquor brands adjust the product structure to meet the changing individual drinking needs of consumers, which drives the further activity of the liquor consumption market.

Recently, Jingdong supermarket released the “2021 Baijiu online consumer white paper” (hereinafter referred to as the white paper), the data show that high-end liquor is obvious, the heat of Maotai flavor liquor continues to rise, while the unique flavor of regional brand breakthrough is being paid by consumers. In terms of beer, the market of black beer and raw milk increased significantly, and consumers tended to “taste type” drinking. Female users and generation Z users have become new growth points of liquor market, driving the rise of low alcohol liquor, flavor liquor, sparkling liquor and other market segments.

High-end Baijiu market share expanded, soy sauce style heat climbed

In recent years, the Baijiu market has been affected by the heat of Maotai flavor and has been transformed into a high-end market. According to the report released by CITIC Securities in April 6, 2021, Baijiu consumption continues to continue, showing an accelerating state. The demand for high-end prices is rapidly expanding, and the secondary high-end prices are moving up.

This phenomenon is more obvious in the e-commerce platform. According to the white paper, in recent year, the sales volume of Jingdong supermarkets 600 yuan / bottle or above has reached 160%, the sales share has reached 55%, the consumption trend has shifted from the middle to the low end, and the market share of high-end Baijiu has been further expanded.

In addition, Baijiu enterprises have been upgrading and upgrading in terms of product mix and product innovation. In the past year, Baijiu enterprises accounted for 36% of new products and 42% of new products. The white paper points out that under the background of mass consumption upgrading, Baijiu enterprises should better satisfy the mass market consumption demand through means of quality improvement, market segmentation and product innovation.

Baijiu Baijiu liquor fever continues to rise, the white paper shows that by the end of 2019, Maotai Baijiu liquor market has maintained a ten year growth trend, according to Jingdong supermarket 2020 11.11 big promotion day alcohol consumption data show that the day of Maotai flavor liquor turnover increased 20 times. Industry data show that in the future, under the influence of product development, survival of the fittest and other environmental factors, Maotai flavor wine will also enter the development trend of supply and demand balance and quality upgrading.

In 2020, the liquor market should not be ignored. Besides the Maotai flavor and the “unique flavor”, according to the white paper analysis, Baijiu market of Baijiu liquor mainly focused on the unique flavor of the regional liquor brand. The sales growth rate of Tao Xiang and Mei Xiang in the past year exceeded 6 times, and the Guangdong region wine increased by more than 10 times. Taking Jiujiang double steaming rice wine as an example, the sales of Jiujiang double steaming rice wine increased by 16 times in recent years.

Beer users play “tasting”, whisky and brandy brands become “China’s best”

According to the white paper, the share of yellow beer in domestic online consumption will be the highest in 2020, while black beer and raw liquor will grow rapidly, “deep tasting” will become the trend. From the origin of Ayr beer in Europe 6000 years ago, to the IPA varieties of Ayr beer “reformed” in India, to the beer varieties brewed in monasteries, and the Shitao varieties formed after the “transformation” of Porter beer in Ireland, etc.. By 2020, great changes have taken place in the wine varieties of craft beer in China from strong cognition to high transformation Shitao and other characteristic styles of beer and wine lead the upsurge of consumer appreciation, and their attention has soared. During the period of 11.11 in 2020, the turnover of craft beer on the 11th day of Jingdong supermarket increased 20 times year on year.

At the same time, foreign wine brands are becoming more and more “China expert” — according to the analysis of the white paper, foreign wine products such as whisky and brandy are constantly innovating in the domestic consumer market, making the brand younger.

During the epidemic period, foreign wine brands also cooperated with Jingdong supermarket to launch the call of “cloud drinking” and “cloud jumping”, to open a new home drinking mode of “sharing the stage across the air, raising a glass” and to trigger an upsurge of home-made cocktails. In addition, the joint gift box, Baiwei slightly drunk, trendy blind box, social game and c2m customized products launched by foreign wine brands in Jingdong supermarket attract young domestic consumers.

According to the survey data of Jingdong, ice cubes, Sprite, cola, lemon iced black tea and coffee have become the top 5 whisky mixing partners in the ranking list of whisky mixing users.

The omni channel layout of “slightly drunk” for women and generation Z is conducive to new consumption demand

With Z generation people stepping on the social stage, their consumption concept and consumption characteristics have to arouse the attention of the market. According to the insight report of generation Z released by Quest mobile, the number of active users of generation Z in China after 1995 and 2000 has reached 320 million, with 74.5% of online medium and high consumption capacity.

According to the analysis of the white paper, the consumers of generation Z, represented by the post-95 generation, have a more rational drinking concept and pursue comfort, and the demand for low alcohol wines such as liqueur, sake / Shaojiu and fruit wine has increased significantly. In the taste of low alcohol wine, Z generation preferred the original taste, cream, grape, green plum and other fresh taste.

In the purchase of wine products, Z generation pays more attention to the inhibition of alcohol flavor, and prefers to choose fruit flavor and flower flavor. Among them, the sales of low alcohol coffee tequila increased by 489% year on year; Plum, strawberry, grapefruit and other fruit flavored foreign wine grew rapidly, with significant potential. The sales volume of peach flavored wine reached 389%, the sales volume of strawberry Lijiao wine was 1126%, and the sales volume of grape sake / Shaojiu increased by 12.3 times; In flower taste, the sales of Rose Cocktail, peach blossom wine, vanilla wine and vanilla wine increased by 244%, 340%, 395% and 395% respectively.

Driven by “her economy”, the trend of “she drinks” is obvious.

According to the analysis of the white paper, female consumers prefer to feel slightly drunk, and this demand has driven the popularity of low alcohol wines represented by sweet wines and sparkling wines. According to the sales data of Jingdong supermarket, the growth rate of female users of olan Torre Oria dry red cap wine with strong fruit flavor and inspired by “Green’s fairy tales” was as high as 110% year on year; And Jacob’s Creek is more popular with young white-collar women.

With the acceleration of the pace of life, especially in the first and second tier cities, the “busy house” of consumers has also led to the growth of real-time consumption demand for liquor.

According to the industry report, the o2o market is expected to grow to 3 trillion with a growth rate of 25% this year. In the wine consumption market, the segmentation of user groups and scenes is getting higher and higher. The improvement of Jingdong’s Omni channel strategic layout will provide wine brands with in-depth cooperation in product promotion and market development through eliminating boundaries, commodity exchange and global visibility, and bring consumers a faster consumption experience. Read more: cbndata: why do we love wonder woman more? Caixin Media & BBD: Yili consumption upgrading index report (with download) in May 2018 in China, WTW: 2017 global welfare survey report (attached with download) tuhu car: 2018 report on online maintenance behavior of China’s automobile users: insight into China’s daily chemical consumer goods industry (attached with download) national human resources and social security: minimum wage standards of all regions in China in 2019 Shanghai highest NOAA: July 2019 was found to be the hottest one on record April 60, the world’s top city housing cost PNAS: the “1/4”: Longevity Survey shows that 1/4 people suffer from “low battery anxiety” Nielsen network: “my family lives in Jiefang Road”, the media coverage report, the Ipsos liquor Chinese Baijiu market white paper coronavirus’s impact on our wealth: women, The millennials and low skilled workers are the most seriously affected. Online gambling scams are frequent, and the post-90s and post-90s are vulnerable groups!

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