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A survey of American mood and behavior one year after the new crown epidemic From Morning Consult

The following is the A survey of American mood and behavior one year after the new crown epidemic From Morning Consult recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data.

One year after the widespread outbreak of coronavirus in the United States, the vast majority of Americans reported that they were ready to change (81%) because they were worried (71%). The proportion of Americans who feel happy (64%) is similar to that of Americans who feel tired (62%).

Changing consumers?

Six out of 10 American adults prefer companies to take responsible and ethical actions, but if companies offer what they like at the right price, they will eventually ignore these problems. Since August 2020, there has been a significant increase in the proportion of consumers who focus on ethical and political issues related to companies. At that time, 53% of respondents expressed concern, and now the proportion has increased to 60%.

Since August 2020, trust in corporate brands to do the right thing has been rising. At that time, 33% of consumers trusted these brands, but now 47% of consumers trust them.

Although six out of 10 people think that companies should stick to their own practices rather than participate in social, political or cultural affairs, the number of people who think that companies should take action to promote changes in major social issues has risen to 60% since September 2020. Since August last year, the proportion of Americans who believe that businesses should take action to influence public policy and deal with the impact of climate change has increased by 48% and 28%, respectively.

87% of consumers think it’s important for them to buy goods from companies that care about the society, 85% of respondents think it’s important to contribute to the society, and 82% say it’s important to represent things other than profits.

Associated with this desire to see brands take more action rather than talk about important social issues, there has also been a significant shift in the brand message that Americans have received since March last year.

With the continuous promotion of vaccines, Americans are more open to advertising interaction than they were at the beginning of the new crown pandemic or even last December.

Interesting and optimistic ads are more popular now than at the beginning of the new crown pandemic or even last December.

While advertising for products or services is most likely to drive purchases since March 2020, advertising about the company’s values is also popular, up 42% since last year.

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