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I’m afraid that young people are the consumer groups who have no scruples in modern society. Where do young people want to spend their money? I’m afraid it’s also the concern of many businesses. Today, take a look at the data results of the big survey, and you can find the answer you want.

In China’s consumer market, young people are a very noteworthy group. Where do they like to spend their money?

CCTV financial new media released big data on Chinese youth consumption jointly with “China’s good life survey”. According to the data, tourism, health care, education and training are among the top three in the consumption list of 18-25-year-old young people in 2021.

The big survey found that the fledgling generation Z is definitely the main force of tourism consumption, and more than one third of the post-95s say they really want to go out and see the world. People of other ages are equally enthusiastic about tourism. The tourism demand that has been suppressed for a year is likely to explode this year.

What is the most desirable tourist destination for young people? Through the in-depth investigation of Alipay online platform, the big city finds that southern cities are more attractive to them. In the list of cities most desired by young people, the top five cities are all occupied by southern cities.

The second place in the list of young people’s consumption in 2021 is health care. The proportion of their expected increase in consumption is 7.5 percentage points higher than that in 2020 (the estimated consumption in 2021 is 33.27%, and the actual consumption in 2020 is 25.75%). In recent years, young people have become an important force in the market of health care products.

The survey of 18-25-year-old respondents’ health concept found that 18-25-year-old young men will maintain their health by purchasing green food, vaccinating and storing sterilization protective articles, while 18-25-year-old young women will maintain their health by strengthening fitness exercise, regular experience and reasonable diet / regular life. It can be seen that the health concept of post-95 boys tends to be passive, while the health concept of girls is more active.

The survey found that young people aged 18-25 are expected to spend more, and education and training are the third. Don’t blame the young people for not striving for progress. Obviously, this generation of young people still have the pursuit of constantly charging and learning. They are willing to continuously improve themselves in order to seek more opportunities.

They pay more attention to the improvement of academic qualifications, followed by vocational skills, and are more willing to pay for these two aspects.

From the consumption list of young people aged 18-35, we can see that:

Most willing to go out to see the world, willing to spend on tourism is: young people in Harbin

Most cherish themselves, willing to invest in health care is: Jinan young people

The most enterprising and willing to pay for education and training: young people in Taiyuan

The latest trend, like the consumption of digital products is: Tianjin young people

Shenyang young people love to play and are willing to spend on culture and entertainment

Most willing to spend money on the house, buy a house consumption is: Hangzhou young people

Most willing to free their hands, domestic service consumption is: Haikou young people

The most healthy, like to spend for sports and fitness is: Xi’an young people

The most secure pursuit, willing to buy insurance is: Zhengzhou young people

Focusing on the young people in Lhasa, the big survey found that, in contrast, 18-25-year-old post-95s on the plateau prefer to spend money on tourism, housing, domestic services and education and training in 2021, while 26-35-year-old young people prefer to spend money on tourism, health care, education and training and digital products such as computers / mobile phones.

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