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In the consumer market, men’s consumption power has always been regarded as the group next to dogs. However, recently, more and more evidence shows that men’s consumption power is greatly underestimated. In addition to shirts, shorts, coconut shoes, handmade and so on, men also show great purchasing power in the field of beauty and make-up, even no less than women.

According to Euromonitor International data, the average annual growth of retail sales in China’s men’s beauty market from 2016 to 2019 is 13.5%, much higher than the global average of 5.8%. By 2023, the global men’s cosmetics market will reach 78.6 billion US dollars, about 540 billion yuan. The era of “he economy” is accelerating.

In terms of make-up, related data show that after 00 boys in 2020, the growth rate of color makeup consumption has far exceeded 00 of girls. Among them, 00 of boys bought 2 times the growth of foundation fluids, and men’s make-up is also becoming a trend.

So what’s the public’s attitude towards male makeup? To this end, hummingbird questionnaire conducted a questionnaire survey on users from all over the country last week, collected 2500 valid questionnaires and completed the “survey report on men’s attitude towards makeup”.

Details of the report are as follows:

According to the report, 64% of the respondents said that in real life, only a few boys can make up, while 34% thought that in real life, the phenomenon of boys making up is more common.

On the view of boys’ make-up, 63.5% agreed with this kind of behavior, after all, people love beauty; however, 16% did not agree with boys’ make-up, and thought it was lack of masculinity. Comparatively speaking, the younger generation has a higher acceptance of male makeup.

On the question of whether it is necessary for boys to make up, 61.5% of them think that men can make up properly when they need it or on important occasions; 20.5% of the respondents think that it is necessary for men to make up in today’s society; only 18% think that it is unnecessary for men to make up.

From the acceptance of male makeup, most people can accept male biochemical makeup, concealer, eyebrow eyebrows, and repair; some accept boys’ lip makeup and eye make-up; however, 10% of respondents are totally unable to accept boys’ makeup.

Men’s image will change more or less after making up, but it is related to the technology and degree of make-up. In the eyes of 67% of respondents, the image of boys after make-up looks fresh and clean, 17% think that boys after make-up is too coquettish, 12% think that it is plain, and 4% think that men after make-up is ugly.

In men’s eyes, the main reason for not making up is that they are worried that others think they are feminized. Secondly, they think they are unnecessary. They are worried that they will not make up because they think they are smelly and beautiful.

For the reason of male make-up, most people think that make-up can win the favor of the opposite sex, cover up their unacceptable appearance defects; secondly, it can become the focus of the crowd, or follow the trend, increase self-confidence, work needs, personal preferences, etc.

Although today’s society is more and more inclusive, people still take a different view of some minority behaviors. According to the report, 15% of the respondents will take a different view of men who make up in real life, and even 2% will sneer at such men.

The reasons for these doubts are the shackles of traditional gender thought, the guidance of public opinion, and the inherent impression of some male students.

In fact, in this age of “looking at the face”, both men and women have the right to pursue “beauty”. Put aside the stereotype, try to look at men’s make-up with an inclusive attitude. Maybe you will find that life is full of beautiful things. Read more: cbndata: why do we love wonder woman more? In China, it’s not enough to focus on one right. Caixin Media & BBD: Yili consumption upgrading index report in May 2018 (download attached) WTW: 2017 global welfare survey report (download attached) tuhu car maintenance: report on online maintenance behavior of China’s auto users in 2018 is excellent: insight into China’s daily chemical consumer industry (download attached) PNAs: people who love to make friends, it’s easier A survey on the cost of 60 square meters of housing in cities of longevity world shows that 1 / 4 people suffer from “low electricity anxiety disorder” NOAA: July 2019 was found to be the hottest month on record national human resources and social security: minimum wage standards across the country in 2019 Shanghai Supreme People’s Bank of China: questionnaire survey report on urban depositors in the first quarter of 2019 AI Outpost: public survey report on face recognition application (with download) Kaidu: see ahead 2021 – innovation in “individualism” (with download) crisis: recovery of China’s beauty industry (with download)

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