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A survey of urban cafes in China — Shanghai From Netease cultural creation & Digital Reading

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Coffee, as one of the world’s three major drinks, has not enjoyed a high status in China. However, Shanghai People’s acceptance of coffee is far beyond other cities.

As early as the 1880s, Shanghai opened its first independent coffee shop. Since then, Shanghai citizens can no longer live without this black bitter drink.

The unique coffee culture makes the city’s coffee consumption present its own style. Shanghai can not only accommodate a large number of commercial chain coffee brands, but also has many unique style independent cafes, which have been integrated into the city’s fireworks daily life.

Thanks to meituan’s data support, we learned about the coffee style of Shanghai

1. Shanghai is the city with the largest number of cafes in China, with the largest number of cafes per 10000 people.

2. Shanghai People’s habit of drinking coffee can be traced back to 1843 when Shanghai opened its port. The influx of foreigners brought coffee, which is also the historical reason for the strong coffee culture in Shanghai.

3. The majority of coffee consumers in Shanghai are women. People aged 30-40 are the main consumers, but the proportion of users and orders aged 20-30 is increasing.

4. Compared with independent caf é s, chain caf é s have a higher degree of agglomeration, and are more inclined to open stores in areas with high degree of commercial and consumer activity.

5. The unique taste, environment and style are the important reasons why people want to go to independent cafes.

6. The dream of running an independent coffee shop is not easy to realize, the cost is very high, and it is squeezed by the new tea. Read more: huge engine: read new changes in food and beverage industry Bottom of salary: 61 million rural left behind children are blocked out of the city? Top international magazine PNAs: people who love to make friends are more likely to live a long life NOAA: July 2019 was found to be the hottest month on record national human resources and social security: the highest minimum wage standard in Shanghai in 2019 shows that 1 / 4 people suffer from “low battery anxiety disorder”. In China, it is not enough to focus on one right health

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