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If nearly 40% of the nation’s population expects to live in “survival mode” in the next 12 months, that doesn’t bode well for the coming year.

Generally speaking, Americans look forward to the new year with great optimism, but this time, the situation is very, very different. In 2020, the United States suffered a new crown pandemic, major urban riots and the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the country’s population will face more difficulties in the coming months, as a recent survey found that 38% of Americans said they would spend 2021 in “survival mode.”.

More than 38% of the 3011 adults surveyed said they would spend the year in “survival mode,” which means they will focus on their daily lives, rather than long-term goals, trying to get themselves and their families through 2021.

The biggest reason why so many people expect to be in “survival mode” is the financial problems they have experienced this year. According to the same survey, up to 68% of Americans said they experienced some kind of “financial setback” in 2020.

Although some of the respondents have maintained a normal income over the past year, 68% have suffered from a decline in income. Among them, 23% lost their jobs or family income; 20% had unexpected non health emergencies; 18% had to provide unexpected financial assistance to family or friends; and 16% had health emergencies.

More than 70 million new US jobless claims have been filed this year, but even many who can continue to work are in trouble.

Another new survey found that about a third of full-time employees in the United States “experienced a pay cut” in 2020.

According to a recent survey of 984 professionals conducted by magnify money, about a third of full-time employees this year have had their pay cut because of the pandemic.

For most Americans, the past 12 months have been painful, and a new round of blockades is expected to extend the economic misery into 2021.

Some industries that were completely destroyed by the first round of blockade are now officially in a state of panic. For example, about 17% of restaurants across the country are closed permanently, and the National Restaurant Association has warned that another 10000 restaurants may be closed permanently “in the next three weeks.”.

The National Restaurant Association has publicly asked Congress to pass a new stimulus package to help the catering industry that has been damaged by the epidemic. The group said on Monday that 10000 restaurants could close in the next three weeks, up from 110000 in 2020.

Even at the best of times, it’s extremely difficult to run a successful restaurant. Profits are very meager, and new competition is always emerging.

87% of the full-service restaurants (independent, chain and franchised) saw an average drop of 36% in sales revenue. For an industry with an average profit margin of 5% – 6%, this is simply unsustainable. 83% of all service operators expect sales to be worse in the next three months.

Although sales are significantly lower for most independent and franchise owners, their costs have not fallen proportionally. 59% of operators said their total labor costs (as a percentage of sales) were higher than before the pandemic.

The future is still bleak. 58% of chain and independent full service operators expect to continue to have mandatory vacations and layoffs for at least the next three months.

Of course, it’s not just the catering industry that is laying off workers. More and more major job cuts appear in the news almost every day, and many experts expect unemployment to accelerate as the transition to 2021. Read more: cbndata: why do we love magic woman more? American Psychological Association: research shows one of the causes of childhood obesity Junk food fills the screen OC & C: how to win the hearts of customers the key to success in China’s catering industry According to the survey, 1 / 4 people suffer from “low power anxiety disorder”. In China, only one right is not enough. NOAA: July 2019 was found to be the hottest month on record. International top publication PNAs: people in the circle of friends are more likely to live longer. National human resources and social security: the minimum wage standard across the country in 2019 Shanghai’s highest Lancet: about 20% of the world’s people may develop into serious cases after being infected with NCV

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