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Affected by the interruption of oil pipeline, gasoline price is approaching the highest since 2014 From American Automobile Association

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On May 9 local time, the United States declared a state of emergency because the largest local fuel pipeline operator was offline due to cyber attacks. According to reports, colonial pipeline, the largest U.S. fuel pipeline operator, was forced to temporarily shut down its key fuel supply network in the eastern coastal states of the United States due to blackmail software attacks. In order to contain the threat, some network connections have been cut off and all pipeline operations have been suspended.

According to the report, hackers demanded millions of dollars of virtual currency after the local largest oil pipeline operator was offline due to network attacks.

At present, the pipeline is still in the process of restart. With the decrease of regional supply and panic buying, gas stations report that the oil has been sold out. At least two gas stations in Tallahassee, Florida, are out of stock, according to employees who declined to be named.

Gas stations in Asheville, North Carolina, have run out of ammunition and food, and there are still long queues of gas stations with “surplus food”. David Marcos, an employee at a Dutch Royal shell gas station in the city, said they ran out of gas and diesel earlier Monday.

In addition, the American Automobile Association (AAA) said on Monday local time that the gasoline price in the United States is approaching the highest level since 2014 due to the disruption of colonial pipeline. Gasoline prices have risen 6 cents a gallon this week to $2.967.

According to reports, the colonial pipeline transports about 2.5 million barrels of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel every day, of which nearly half of the fuel supply on the east coast of the United States depends on it.

Colonial pipeline said it was conducting manual operations on a section of the pipeline from North Carolina to Maryland and expected to resume almost all services by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, according to the latest report, the hacker team is called Darkside, and their attack caused colonial pipeline to shut down the network. In a statement on its official website, Darkside did not directly mention colonial pipeline, but pointed out that “our goal is just to make money, not to create problems for society.”

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