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The following is the Air quality in the United States has been greatly improved due to the new crown pandemic From NASA recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data.

According to foreign media reports, the new global pandemic is obviously a bad thing. In the United States alone, covid-19 has killed nearly 300000 people, with an estimated global death toll of more than 1.6 million. It’s devastating for many families, and it’s sad that if things were handled better, it might not have developed to this point.

But leaving aside the terrible tragedy of the pandemic, the fact that humans stay indoors more often than usual actually benefits the planet in many ways. We’ve seen some species rebound in the face of reduced human activity, and now air quality in the United States seems to have improved dramatically, because fewer people drive cars and fewer planes fly into the sky.

In a new blog post, NASA reveals some interesting phenomena related to air quality in California, New York State and so on. Some of them are shocking. In the pictures released, it can be seen that the levels of air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide have dropped to more reasonable levels in areas such as San Francisco and Auckland, which are famous for their poor air quality. And it’s not just air pollutants that are falling.

NASA, using April 2018 data and comparing it with April this year, shows that the San Francisco Bay area and surrounding areas have experienced a significant decrease in the heat island effect. According to NASA, the heat island effect refers to the phenomenon that the temperature in urban areas is significantly higher than that in neighboring rural areas. It is clear that pandemics, reduced traffic and human activity have helped to reduce this impact to a large extent.

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