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Recently, Glassdoor released its annual ranking of the most suitable companies to work in 2021. Techcrunch, a foreign media, has listed the top 10 technology companies in large enterprises (with more than 1000 employees) and small and medium-sized enterprises. On the list of large enterprises, the ranking is based on employee feedback.

Through Glassdoor, employees evaluate the company based on CEO, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, and work life balance.

Every company needs at least 75 ratings on every attribute of the workplace to be included in the list. Second, in the list of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises need at least 75 ratings to be considered.

Here are the top 10 most suitable technology companies in the United States according to Glassdoor survey. In brackets, you can see the overall ranking of each company on the top 100 best companies list and the average rating of its employees.

The best technology companies to work in 2021:

NVIDIA (# 24.5)

HubSpot(#4 4.5򟙣

Google (# 6.4.5)

Microsoft (# 9.4.5)

Facebook (#11 4.4)

Lingying (13.4.4)

DocuSign(#15 4.4򟙣

KnowBe4 (#16 4.4)

Salesforce(#17 4.4)

Ring Central

Now it’s the list of SMEs.

Best technology startups in 2021:

Ike (#3 4.9)

Harness(#6 4.9)


Jobot™ (#9 4.9)

Lower (#10 4.9)

Orchard(#16 4.8)

SimplrFlex 35;17 4.8

Flockjay (#21 4.8)


Thrasio (#27 4.8)

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