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According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the big data report on salary of Beijing human resources market in 2020 (hereinafter referred to as the report) compiled by the Bureau was published. According to the report, the salary level of enterprises in Beijing ranks in the forefront of the first tier cities.

It is understood that in 2020, the salary survey report of enterprises in Beijing will adopt the mode of “online” and “offline”. Among them, the “offline” data involved 4259 enterprises in Beijing and 726000 employees; the “online” data involved 90000 enterprises that published jobs in Beijing throughout the year, 4.7 million social job seekers living in Beijing throughout the year, and 290000 graduates from colleges and universities. The publication of the report will further give full play to the function of “data” of enterprise salary survey as an important factor of production, so that the data can better serve the society.

In recent years, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has continuously established and improved the system of enterprise pay surveys and information release, making full use of modern information technology such as “Internet plus”, AI and big data. The professionalism of pay surveys has been continuously enhanced, and the scientific nature of data mining methods has been improved. The quality of big data has increased year by year, and consultations have been made in the service of capital enterprises and workers. It plays an important role in improving the level of labor, reasonably determining the internal distribution structure, and promoting the linkage between labor factors and the market.

The salary level of enterprises in Beijing ranks in the forefront of the first tier cities

Salary is one of the important factors to attract talents, and higher salary level is an important support to maintain Beijing’s relative competitiveness. According to the average salary data of Urban Non private sector employees in 2019 released by the statistical departments of various cities, among the first tier cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen), Beijing’s enterprise salary level is in the forefront, with an average salary of 166800 yuan, ranking first among the four first tier cities.

In the report, from the perspective of median salary price of offline survey, the top three industries in 2019 are financial industry (269400 yuan), power, heat, gas and water production and supply industry (126700 yuan) and information transmission, software and information technology service industry (115800 yuan). The median salary of culture, sports and entertainment industry grows fastest, rising to the sixth place (106100 yuan) in 2019.

National economy industry salary price (offline)

The salary growth rate of “Beijing Smart manufacturing” industry is relatively fast

“Beijing Smart manufacturing” industry is an important starting point for the capital to implement the innovation driven strategy. Online salary survey data shows that compared with other industries, the salary growth rate of “Beijing Smart manufacturing” industry is generally faster. Taking new materials and new generation information technology industries as examples, the median value of salary in 2019 will increase by 41.48% and 41.26% respectively, which is faster than the same period level of industry categories. In horizontal comparison, the median salary of artificial intelligence, integrated circuit, software and information service industries ranked the top three, indicating that Beijing, as a national science and technology innovation center, drives innovation through salary competitiveness, and strives to take the lead in breaking through the “bottleneck” technology. See the following table for the salary of “Beijing Zhizao” industry:

Salary price of “Beijing Zhizao” industry (online)

Average salary of scientific research personnel and skilled personnel in the city

Reach the income level of middle-income group

Scientific research personnel and skilled personnel are one of the main forces to build the brand of “Beijing Zhizao” and improve the competitiveness of “Beijing service”. According to the salary released by online enterprises, the average published salary of scientific research personnel in the city was 204000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%; the average published salary of skilled talents in the city was 144000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.4%. According to the standard of “the median disposable income per capita of Beijing residents between 40000 yuan and 120000 yuan is classified as middle-income group” issued by the city in the earlier stage, the average salary of scientific research personnel and skilled personnel in the city has reached the income level of middle-income group. From the perspective of both salary growth levels, the growth rate also outperforms the economic growth rate (in 2019, the GDP of the whole city will grow by 6.1%).

At the same time, in terms of serving the construction of “two districts” and “three platforms”, the salary survey data of relevant industries and regions released by the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau has played a role of market vane. Salary survey data show that Beijing has significant competitiveness in service industry, financial industry and other industries.

Noun interpretation: lower quartile, median and upper quartile

When all data are arranged from large to small, the number in the lower quarter is called the lower quartile, and the number in the 75% position according to the percentage is also called the first quartile. The number in the upper quarter is called the upper quartile, and the number in the 25% position is also called the third quartile. Similarly, in the middle is the median, also known as the second quartile.

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