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Comprehensive analysis of the ratings of popular variety shows from February 13 to February 19, 2021 From China audio visual big data

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According to the statistics of “China audio visual big data” (CVB), from February 13 to February 19, 2021, “moving China 2020 people award ceremony” is inspiring and highly concerned; the audience performance of cultural programs is eye-catching, adding “Cultural Year flavor” to the screen; comedy theme programs come together to set off the happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival, and the audience competitiveness is strong; food theme programs warm the stomach and heart All of them have high ratings stickiness.

“Moving China 2020 award ceremony” is inspiring and highly concerned

On the evening of February 17, “moving China 2020 award ceremony” was broadcast on CCTV1. The program narrates the deeds of 10 representatives in 2020, reflects the moving Chinese strength and national spirit, and achieves good publicity effect, with the audience rating of 1.760% and the audience share of 6.565%. On the next day of the program, the total number of micro blog topics read by the people in 2020 is more than 260 million, and the online discussion atmosphere is warm.

Cultural programs show a bright audience

This week, CCTV’s three cultural programs completed “ancient and modern dialogues” with modern expressions, showing excellent cultural charm and strong attraction.

CCTV1 “Chinese poetry conference VI” was launched this week during the Spring Festival holiday as scheduled. It continues to tell the classic poetry and the moving stories behind it, attracting 5.010% of the TV audience, ranking fourth in the evening Premiere of this week’s variety show, with the audience rating of 2.056%, ranking sixth.

CCTV1 classic chant IV pays homage to Chinese heroes of different times through music works with high appeal and popularity. During the Spring Festival, the audience scale has increased significantly, with the arrival rate (4.662%) increasing by 37.2% compared with last week, ranking sixth in the arrival rate of the first variety show in the evening of this week; the audience rating is 1.577%, increasing by 36.2% compared with last week.

The closing date of CCTV3 “national treasure III” was adjusted to the noon broadcast of CCTV1 on February 17, with a rating of 0.881%, which is the highest in this season; when it was re broadcasted in CCTV3 that night, the ratings were also excellent, with a rating of 0.728% and a viewing share of 3.010%. This season’s ten programs lead the audience to “stay at home” to explore the country’s precious cultural treasures. The content is brilliant, and the average rating is 0.556%. It also wins the audience’s good reputation. By the end of the program, BiliBili website scored 9.7 points and Douban scored 9.5 points.

Comedy theme shows set off the happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival

Since the start of CCTV3, the comedy inheritance program “golden comedy class” has been widely recognized by the audience. This week, the second phase of the program was broadcast, with the audience rating of 2.197%, ranking the second in the evening premiere. The audience rating of the variety show was 45.4% higher than that of the first phase.

“2021 new year crosstalk conference” is interesting in telling cultural stories and skillfully reading cultural connotations. It is broadcast in CCTV3 from the first day to the sixth day of junior high school. The average audience rating is 1.470%, ranking in the top 3 of all kinds of programs in the same period. The audience rating of the closing season was 2.069%, ranking the fifth in the evening of this week.

Oriental satellite TV’s “happy comedian VII” continued to bring joy to the audience this week, with a rating of 0.557% and a viewing share of 2.701%, ranking fifth in the ratings of the first variety show on local satellite TV in the evening.

Food theme program warms stomach and heart

Zhejiang satellite TV’s “New Year’s Eve dinner” has led the audience to appreciate the food culture of different cities and regions. Since its launch, the audience’s stickiness has been growing. It has been broadcast two issues this week, with an average fidelity of 49.567%, up 6.4% from last week.

Anhui Satellite TV’s “family banquet II” has entered ordinary families and recorded the taste of reunion. It has been broadcast for three times, attracting a group of loyal local audiences. The average fidelity of Anhui Province is 58.221% and the average audience rating is 0.479%, ranking first in the local satellite TV program ratings in the same period.

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