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Don’t guess the mind of “maoxiaoren”: Data insight into the new blue ocean From Kaidu & TMIC

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When you see hungry on the street, the slogan on the delivery man’s uniform changes from “hungry” to “feed the cat”, you can imagine how popular the pet market is now.

According to the white paper on China’s pet industry in 2020 (Note 1), the scale of China’s cat and dog pet market has expanded to 206.5 billion yuan in 2020, with 36.69 million dog owners and 24.51 million cat owners. The expansion of pet market is leading “it economy” to rise.

As the gold medal service provider of tmall new product innovation center (TMIC), Kaidu found that many sectors of the pet industry showed double-digit growth by analyzing the big data of TMIC platform. On the whole, 80 million users of Amoy pet have driven the growth rate of online sales of pet products by 35% last year. In addition to the well-known staple food for pets, snacks, beauty and cleaning, medical treatment, and even smart devices all showed strong growth.

The clothing, food, housing and transportation of pets are developing in the direction of refinement, and each plate has a new opportunity. Next, we will focus on the pet product market, analyze the main driving factors behind the brand growth, point out the key innovation direction, and help the brand find the future blue ocean market.

Consumer insight into the growth of pet industry

The main group of pet owners are “double high” women (high education + high income) who live in the first and second tier cities. They can satisfy their spiritual companionship and emotional sustenance by keeping pets“ “Meow star” and “Wang star” changed from the original instrumental role into a family member. Urban people pursue fashion, love to try new things, prefer high-quality products, and have a strong pursuit of high-quality life. These living habits are vividly reflected in keeping pets. In the final analysis, pet economy is still people’s business, and the high-end trend of pet industry is obvious.

Looking at the whole pet market, senior middle class and silver haired people (Note 2) account for a relatively high proportion of dog owners, while delicate mothers, genz and cutting-edge white-collar workers who are busy with their work and life choose to raise cats with relatively independent lives. With “loneliness needs to be cured” and the increasing aging of society, the number of pet raising groups will further increase among young people and silver haired people. The growth of pet industry is mainly driven by the surge of pet owners and the upgrading of consumer prices.

The core direction of pet industry growth

1. Focus on pet food

Pet food is one of the largest driving sectors in the industry. Just as the human daily balanced diet must not lack of staple food, PET staple food in pet food or absolute C position. With the increase of disposable income of “cat, slave and dog owners”, their demand for pet food is no longer enough. The vigorous “love feeding” is on every day. We see that the development of pet snacks has started, and shows a more rapid power; The scale and growth rate of cat staple food and cat snack food are higher than that of dog food, and there is more room for growth.

Pet food (including staple food and snacks) is basically consistent with the portrait of the pet owner. Generally speaking, new white-collar workers like to buy snacks for pets, while genz mainly buys cat food and cat snacks, while exquisite mothers prefer to buy dog snacks.

Meow star swallows gold

At present, the sales volume of high-end cat staple food market accounts for more than 70%. Most products focus on efficacy, variety and natural ingredients. Freeze drying, canned staple food and non grain natural food will become the core growth direction of the industry in the future.

Among the pet foods, cat snacks showed the most optimistic growth rate: turnover growth rate + 46% (vs. average 30%), unit price growth rate + 12% (vs. 7.8%), number of buyers growth rate + 38% (vs. 17.5%).

“Cat slaves” gradually focus on the oral health of cats and the lack of water they drink. They also realize that different age, activity level and health status of cats will lead to different demands for food nutrients. They attach importance to the “customization” and overall balance of cats, and hope to meet pet’s high-quality and personalized dietary needs in the context of multiple needs through snacks that are both interesting and functional.

Wang Xingren swallows gold

The dog food market is similar to the cat food market. The development pace of dog staple food in the market is stable, and the product mainly uses dog breed as the title keyword to attract consumers. In terms of functional ingredients, “tear removing” and “natural food” are the main selling points“ Dog owners have strong demands for staple food cans, freeze-dried food, prescription food and non grain natural food. The price upgrade of dog food is mainly concentrated in the middle and high-end price band, and the single price is slightly lower than that of cat food.

Micro scenes such as “reward” and “dog training” resonated with “dog owners”, and the growth rate of dog snacks was significantly higher than that of dog staple food“ “Dog owner” also pursues both fun and functionality. In the market, we have noticed that many snacks, such as lollipops and innovative nutritional milk sticks (such as green tea flavor and cheese flavor), are in full bloom“ “Dog owner” is willing to give pet a different life experience. Dairy snacks (yogurt / milk / mutton pudding) and low-fat snacks (kangaroo meat) are likely to become new growth opportunities in the future.

2. Focus on new pet categories

It has become the consensus of “cat, slave and dog owners” to take good care of pets in all aspects. In the early stage of development, pet medical, toys and intelligent devices and other categories will raise pet life from meeting the basic needs to a higher level of emotional satisfaction, indicating the further development of “pet humanization”.

Pet toys make pet life more interesting, pet medical care gives pet meticulous care and protection, and pet intelligent devices greatly improve the quality of pet life. Pet food is regarded as the first rigid demand market in the pet industry, while toys, medical treatment and intelligent devices, which seem to be “dispensable” in the eyes of laymen, are also “special rigid demand” in the hearts of “cat, slave and dog owners”.


“Humanized” label is undoubtedly the top priority of pet market development in the future. Brands want to learn to understand the pet business, first of all, they need to do a good job of “cat slave dog owner” in-depth insight. Kaidu summarized the four key points in product building and brand marketing

01. Health & Nutrition

Brands need to continue to pay attention to the trend of human diet, “low fat / calorie” may also become the development direction of pet food in the future.

02. Diversification

With the increasing demand of “cat, slave and dog owners” eager to establish a strong emotional connection with their pets, diversified tastes, types and forms of pet products have become an irreversible upgrading trend.

03. Personalization

When interacting with “cat, slave and dog owners”, the brand may as well convey personalized topics and product information according to the specific life stages (such as milk cat and old cat) and breeds (such as long hair and short hair), so as to provide users with the most suitable choice and meet the 365 degree detail care pursued by pet owners.

04. Community interaction

Social and e-commerce platforms have become a window for “cat, slave and dog owners” or those who intend to raise pets to establish emotional connections. They can learn the latest information about pet health and life through these platforms. Pets are also the “social currency” for them to interact with others and expand their social circle. Smart brands can take a step forward by creating a pet community (imitating the mother and child community) to participate in and even guide the discussion of various pet hot topics.

Kaidu × TMIC

Through the above growth data of the pet industry in the Chinese market, we can foresee that all segments of the pet industry will remain highly active, and new players will continue to come into the market for a share.

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