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The following is the Global programmer’s income report 2020: the highest in China From Levels.fy recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data. Founded in 2017, it is a data collection website about American technology companies, mainly aiming at job grade conversion and salary comparison of different technology companies. A few days ago, Released the programmer revenue report for 2020. The data of the whole year are collected, and the compensation of each company is deeply studied according to the level and location. The salary figures in the report reflect the average income level of programmers, including wages, stocks and bonuses.

Among entry-level engineers, the highest paid company is LYFT, with an average salary of $230000. Roblox ranks second with an average salary of more than $220000. Stripe and airbnb tied for third place, with an average salary of more than $210000.

The average salary of programmers in the top five companies on the list is more than $200000, while the average salary of the other three companies is close to $200000.

For the engineer position, the highest salary is airbnb with an average salary of $295000, followed by pinterest and box with an average salary of $294000 and $29 respectively.

The company ranked seventh with an average salary of $260000, making it the only Chinese company on the list. According to the data, the average salary of senior engineers and chief engineers of the company reached US $400000 and US $493000 respectively, ranking among the top technology companies in the world.

In terms of geographical distribution, San Francisco has the highest income of American programmers in the world, followed by Seattle and New York. Globally, Zurich, Switzerland, has the highest income for programmers, with an average salary of US $211000, followed by Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, and Vancouver, Canada. Beijing ranks tenth with an average salary of $100000. He said that under the influence of the new epidemic situation, the world’s major industries experienced sharp changes in March this year. At present, the market has gradually recovered. Although many people have lost their jobs, it still keeps a steady growth trend in terms of global salary level. It is predicted that 2020 will have a more long-term impact on employees’ compensation, and most companies have also made adjustments to employees’ compensation. Although this year is very difficult, but the major industries are still moving towards a good trend. future, Will also provide you with more data, I hope to provide you with more help.

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