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Growing plants at home can help improve the mental health of many people, according to a new study from the University of Seville. Although this is not the first study to link plants with mental health, what is special is COVID-19’s blockade, which focuses on indoor plants for those who are trapped in their homes.

The international study was coordinated by naturib of the school of agricultural engineering at the University of Seville. The researchers focused on the first round of the covid-19 blockade, which occurred between March and June 2020. During this period, many people stay indoors for a long time, especially those who work from home.

More than 4200 people in 46 countries were investigated. The content of the investigation is: during the blockade period, whether it is good for mental health to put indoor plants at home. The results showed that 74% of the people thought that indoor plants were beneficial, and 55.8% said they wanted to raise more plants at home during that period.

The study also found that people who did not often go to outdoor green spaces before the blockade, as well as people who lived in dim light and / or small houses, were more likely to experience negative emotions during that period. Participants who said they didn’t have any indoor plants at the time were more likely to have negative emotions, the survey found.

More than half of the respondents said they spent more time looking after their indoor plants during the blockade, and more than 62% said they would like to continue this routine once things get back to normal. Eventually, 40% of the participants said they wanted to grow more indoor plants in the future, the study said.

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