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Health consumption trend in spring of 2021 From JD.COM

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Recently, Jingdong launched the “2021 spring health consumption trend reward”. In addition to outputting “2021 consumption trend report of healthy fat reduction” based on JD big data, it also released “2021 spring health consumption brand list”, covering 29 lists related to fat reduction, such as sports, diet, health, books, etc., bringing the most in-depth health fat reduction index for the majority of consumers.

Since March, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the keyword “weight loss and fat reduction” on Jingdong platform, with nearly ten million times of search. However, from the perspective of user’s consumption behavior, compared with the way of running to the gym to find a professional fitness coach and reporting to the fitness class, this wave of “fat reducers” pay more attention to “economic type of fat reduction”.

Instead of stepping forward, it’s all up to science; The living room can also be a “private gym” without having to deal with cards. These people who are more and more self-conscious and pay attention to time, equipment, venue, diet and other multiple “cost performance” on the road of reducing fat, and “appropriate type of reducing fat” is their pronoun.

In the “2021 consumption trend report on health and fat reduction”, based on the big data of Jingdong consumption, the consumption behavior of people who lose weight and fat is analyzed from the aspects of diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc., showing the new trend of health consumption of different gender, age and region.

The living room can become a “private gym” without the need of cards

In the past, a “face-to-face” fat reduction must start with a gym annual card. Now, however, fat reduction is no longer a formality. Home days, the balcony on the treadmill, ready to start aerobic fat; The living room is paved with a training pad, and the anaerobic and stretching are all in place.

According to the data of Jingdong, among the large-scale equipment, the sales volume of spinning bike, rowing machine, treadmill and other equipment increased by 230%, 132% and 119% respectively on a month on month basis. Among the small-scale equipment, the sales volume of fascia gun and abdominal wheel increased by 120% and 117% respectively.

It can be seen that with the increasing demand of consumers for home fitness, home fitness equipment is favored by users. Even large-scale fitness equipment, such as treadmill, which was only seen in the gym before, can be bought in Jingdong at a preferential price, and it is also delivered to the door and installed free of charge, which is affordable and convenient.

In addition, as more and more people choose to keep fit at home, the categories and functions of related fitness equipment are constantly enriched and innovated, showing the characteristics of intelligence, portability, socialization and personalization.

Treadmills, rowing machines and large-scale equipment for spinning are more and more equipped with Bluetooth connection, which can be connected with health app to realize real-time monitoring of sports. This kind of intelligent equipment is also popular with consumers. On the Jingdong platform, more and more treadmill users search for intelligent treadmills.

Young people in big cities have a fast pace of work, and they don’t have much free time, so they can only make full use of the fragmented time to “cut corners” in sports. In this part of the crowd, convenient, multi-functional “lazy” equipment is the most popular, this year’s hot “rope skipping”, its search volume increased by 640% year on year.

At the same time, we should not only exercise, but also detect the effect of exercise and the changes of various body functions at any time. Jingdong data shows that in the field of intelligent products, the sales volume of electronic scales with health observation function accounts for more than 90%, among which the top 3 of body fat are Xiaomi, Huawei and Yunmai; In smart wearable devices, smart watches with heart rate detection and blood oxygen increased by 170% year on year, while smart watches with ECG detection increased their attention by more than 10 times year on year.

Control sugar control card, high protein, eat right, eat less can also thin

In order to achieve the purpose of fitness and fat reduction, some people choose to run to the gym “special training”, some people choose to keep fit at home. But in the “fat reducers” who can’t walk away, they believe that relying on scientific diet can also achieve the effect of healthy fat reduction. Especially for many post-85s and post-90s, they are busy working all day and don’t have much time and energy for exercise.

According to the report, 55.76% of the people aged 26-35 choose to control sugar and cards to achieve healthy fat reduction, which is far higher than 19.63% of the second people aged 36-45. Among the people who choose to exercise to achieve healthy fat reduction effect, the people aged 16-25 ranked first, accounting for 33.89%, while the users aged 26-35 accounted for less than 1 / 3.

Low sugar, low calorie and high protein are the key words of this session of “fat reducer” in diet, behind which is the “fat reducer” who has become a “good doctor” for a long time, and the continuous improvement in scientific diet and healthy fat reduction cognition. With the rapid development of low-carbon diet, more and more people realize that excessive intake of sugar and starchy food will make people fat, even worse skin. At the same time, light control sugar is not enough, and calorie intake should be moderate. As a result, all kinds of low sugar, low calorie food and drinks have been on fire in the past two years.

Among the food and beverage products, low calorie beverage, dark chocolate, low sugar cake and low calorie cereals become consumers’ favorite healthy drinks with high sales. In terms of growth rate, the sales volume of low calorie convenience food increased by 432% month on month, and that of low sugar cereals increased by 222% month on month. Among them, Qiya seed yoghurt and probiotic yoghurt with digestive function were particularly eye-catching, with sales volume rising by 597% and 139% respectively in March.

In addition, some functional nutritional supplements are also very concerned. In recent years, oral nutrition and health care products such as vegetable enzymes are hot in Jingdong international market; At the same time, products such as slimming tea and slimming enzyme are also popular among many young people on Jingdong health platform.

In order to help users lose weight scientifically, Jingdong health will provide users with all kinds of high-quality slimming products and professional medical and health services. On the one hand, users can choose and purchase various functional slimming products such as slimming tea, orlistat, meal substitute, enzyme, and medical beauty shaping services for the purpose of reducing fat through Jingdong health. On the other hand, TCM, general practice, endocrinology and nutrition experts from Jingdong health can also provide scientific consultation and consultation services for users. From April 15 to 21, Jingdong health will launch a live broadcast of famous doctors around the topic of “scientific weight reduction”, introducing the good strategies and precautions of scientific weight reduction from acupuncture treatment, pharmacological health care, diet recuperation, exercise weight reduction and other aspects, and providing professional suggestions for users through knowledge popularization, online Q & A and other forms.

At the same time, the studious “fat reducers” are constantly improving their knowledge of health and beauty. For example, “sugar reducing life”, “dietetics: popular scientific diet textbook in Japan” and “light fasting: the intestinal revolution of perfect weight loss” are all bestsellers in Jingdong books.

More professional sports equipment, one click online venue

In addition to eating and training, all kinds of sports equipment must be equipped. According to the data of Jingdong, the sales volume of sports shoe bags and sportswear in March has achieved great growth. For this kind of goods, the consumption on the platform of Jingdong generally focuses on brand awareness + comfort + functionality. However, there are also a number of new shoes and clothing brands with both aesthetic design and cost performance. Because the design is more in line with the body shape of Chinese people, and more aware of the pain points of consumers, the popularity is rising.

For example, “Macondo”, known as “Xiaomi running circles”, is a sportswear brand growing up on the platform of Jingdong. The price of the same grade material of big brand sportswear is only one-fifth of its price. The product design also solves all kinds of pain points of runners. With its professional and affordable brand characteristics, the annual sales of Macondo will increase by 227% year on year in 2020.

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people begin to go out and do some outdoor sports. Reflected in the data, outdoor sports and extreme sports related categories have a higher growth than footwear. In March, ice sports equipment, swimming equipment and skiing ranked in the top three of sports equipment with the growth rate of 461%, 349% and 125% respectively, which is mainly due to the popularity of outdoor sports and extreme sports in recent years.

Different people also show different sports preferences. Among them, the post-95s prefer to buy sportswear, the post-85s prefer to buy swimming supplies, and the post-75s prefer to buy skiing equipment; Male consumers prefer running, while female consumers prefer yoga and dance. In addition, geographically, the sales growth of outdoor sports goods in Hebei, Hubei and Zhejiang ranked the top three in China, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 70%.

Self driving is the first choice for many people’s outdoor activities. According to the big data of Jingdong automobile, the purchase and installation of Jingdong tires, especially the consumption of functional tires such as off-road tires, has increased significantly. From March 1 to 15, Jingdong tire increased by 80% compared with the same period last year, and Germany’s Ma brand tire increased by 128%.

From March 1 to 15, motorcycles increased by 50% year-on-year and 150% month on month. Among them, Apulia brand increased 55 times year on year, and Wuyang Honda increased 8.6 times year on year. Biagio’s new X7 has been on the market for 24 hours, with a booking volume of over 3000 units.

In the past two years, more and more consumers will choose to book venues online, and this kind of individual consumption means that the trend of national fitness is becoming more and more prosperous.

As early as 2018, the Jingdong platform launched the venue reservation service. Through the Jingdong sports venue reservation app and the Jingdong app, users can search “sports booking” to enter the reservation system. Users can select the time and venue online, cancel the booking service offline, and select the nearest venue through positioning, which greatly facilitates the consumers’ venue reservation experience. In March this year, Jingdong also invested in mobile to further improve the accuracy of offline sports users.

In order to integrate more sports scenes, Jingdong sports will sponsor many sports events every year. In addition to the sponsorship of more than 10 large-scale marathon events, it also cooperates with more than 100 sports events of various types, including Shanghai marathon, Beijing marathon, Wuxi marathon and other large-scale events. This year, Jingdong sports also exclusively named Suqian marathon, the first marathon in Suqian City.

From Marathon, badminton and other events to rock climbing, mountaineering, desert challenge, telescope photography competition, etc., it covers a wide range of people. While getting more drainage, Jingdong sports also provides more help for national fitness.

Sports and health consumption are more and more infiltrating into the general population. As shown in the “2021 spring health consumption trend reward”, more and more people are paying attention to weight loss and fat reduction, and the ways of participation are becoming more and more diversified. With the continuous reduction of the threshold of participation, more and more non core sports consumer groups can join in, and the concept of healthy life has been continuously penetrated into all aspects of daily life. Read more: 21st Century Economic Research Institute & Jingdong: 2017 China’s maternal and infant online consumption trend report 21st Century Economic Research Institute & Jingdong: 2016 rural e-commerce consumption trend report CTR: 2012 China’s high-end consumer trend insight report Huicong research: 2013 China’s automotive products market consumption trend survey report Jingdong: Winter Solstice girls prefer beef dumplings, Boys prefer mutton stuffing data Wei: 618 in 2020 promotes global data interpretation — beauty and skin care special show Jingdong: the sales volume of salty rice dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival is 3.6 times that of sweet rice dumplings Caixin & Jingdong: from the perspective of “New Year’s goods” to see population flow and consumption changes (with download) Jingdong: 2017 home decoration industry report online shopping has become an important purchasing channel for home decoration Fee report (download attached) JD: big data of Spring Festival consumption in 2020 JD: Beauty consumption report 2018-2019 (download attached) cbndata: white paper on consumption trend of tmall large fitness equipment in 2019 (download attached) top 10 global consumption trends in 2019: consumer behavior subverts global business

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