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The American Heart Association has published a new study highlighting the importance of maintaining healthy blood pressure and warning that brain health can be threatened no matter how long blood pressure rises or regardless of age. The study, published in the association’s journal hypertension, reported that hypertension accelerates cognitive decline.

Hypertension is a common disease, which can be caused by genetic or lifestyle factors. This condition is a major risk factor for certain diseases, including heart disease and stroke. It may also increase the rate at which cognitive performance declines with age, according to new research.

In this case, cognitive performance refers to abilities like attention, language fluency, memory and concentration. The results were based on data analysis of more than 7000 adults who were followed for an average of about four years. The results are startling, including that no matter how long someone has high blood pressure, it may accelerate the rate of cognitive decline.

In addition, compared with middle-aged and elderly people with hypertension / taking antihypertensive drugs, people with hypertension / but not taking antihypertensive drugs were found to have faster cognitive decline. Sandhi M. Barreto, MD, explained:

We initially predicted that the negative effects of hypertension on cognitive function will be more critical when hypertension begins at a young age. However, our results show that similar cognitive decline is accelerated regardless of the onset of hypertension in middle age or old age. We also found that effective treatment of hypertension at any age in adulthood can reduce or prevent this acceleration.

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