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In 2020, the world’s trust in technology companies will decline in an all-round way From Edelman

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In a large-scale survey of 31000 people in 27 countries, Edelman trust barometer found that the world’s trust in technology, including AI, VR, 5g and the Internet of things, declined in the last year. The study is a special edition of technology that collects data for the annual trust barometer. The previous record low can be traced back to 2012 Edelman’s similar survey, and 17 of the 27 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico, all set record low values.

Why is it important? Public praise has helped protect the technology industry from critics and regulators, but that shield is weakening. Edelman said the decline in trust was mainly due to the increasingly “complex” relationship between the public and technology – including the spread of misinformation, rising privacy alerts and bias against artificial intelligence.


In the latest survey (conducted in October and November), the technology industry fell from the “most trustworthy” industry in the 2020 Research Report to the ninth place – lagging behind the food and beverage, health, transportation, education, consumer packaging, professional services, manufacturing and retail industries.

The study found that 52% of respondents – including 50% in the United States – worried that automation or other innovation would take their jobs.


In 25 of the 27 countries, trust in AI companies and Internet of things companies has declined.

In 27 countries, trust in “clean technology” enterprises has declined by 23.

Trust in the virtual reality industry fell by 22 out of 27 countries.

In 27 countries, trust in the 5g industry has declined by 21.

As a “road map to restoring trust,” Edelman urged businesses to accept the leadership task. ” CEOs must play a leading role in responsible AI and automation issues to improve skills. Act before you speak. “

Edelman put forward the principle of helping big technology companies improve their trust.

“Shared prosperity” through new jobs and skills.

Trust is codified through fairness and interpretability.

Increase diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

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