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In 2020, there will be 8.131 million couples registered nationwide, a year-on-year decrease of 12.2%

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According to the latest statistical report, the number of marriage registrations in China has shown a continuous downward trend since 2013. In 2020, the number of marriage registrations across the country will reach a new low. According to the civil affairs statistics in 2020, the number of marriage registrations across the country will reach 8.131 million pairs, a year-on-year decrease of 12.2%. According to the latest civil affairs statistics, the top 5 regions for marriage registration in 2020 are Guangdong Province (633000 pairs), Henan Province (625000 pairs), Sichuan Province (535000 pairs), Jiangsu Province (492000 pairs) and Shandong Province (487000 pairs).

Different from previous years, Guangdong Province has the largest number of marriage registrations in 2020, and the number of marriages in Henan Province has decreased by 18.1% compared with the previous year.

The number of marriage registrations will continue to decline in 2020, which is affected by many factors. COVID-19 has been affected by the closure of the Registrar long time. With the decrease of the number of marriageable people and the increasing average age of marriage, there are more and more people who get married later or not.

In addition, factors such as high housing prices and high economic pressure in big cities also affect the number of married people.

Some hospital experts said frankly that the current decline in fertility has aroused widespread attention. Part of the reason is that couples of childbearing age are generally reluctant to give birth. Many women of the right age “don’t want to give birth and dare not give birth.” women spend too much time and energy on pregnancy, childbirth and baby rearing. Another part of the reason is that women are over the best childbearing age or suffer from related diseases, leading to fertility difficulties.

In addition to the above factors, experts also said frankly that the Internet has also made young people increasingly pursue single culture, especially home culture. For example, many single men and women are choosing a more convenient way to get their emotions, that is, many people choose “virtual lovers” as a way to relieve their emotional pressure, which has become an integral part of the single economy.

It is reported that virtual lovers provide a wide range of services, including counseling in various directions. Emotional, workplace and life problems are OK, so it is important to see the empathy ability, IQ and EQ of practitioners.

At present, the virtual lover industry has just started, and has not become a branch of the single economy. Some practitioners just engaged in the virtual lover industry charge only 20 yuan per order, and even many of them are public welfare. But many practitioners believe that the future demand for virtual lovers will be “more and more, more and more”, because the number of single people is increasing.

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