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Compared with developed markets such as the United States and Japan, China’s quick-frozen food industry has a broad development space. At present, the per capita consumption of quick-frozen food in China is less than 1 / 6 of that in the United States and 1 / 2 of that in Japan. At the same time, compared with Japan, the market share of China’s leading enterprises is only about 10%, and it is estimated that the future market can accommodate 1-2 leading enterprises with a market share of more than 20%, so there is a large space for integration. With the improvement of the acceptance of frozen food and the maturity of supporting infrastructure, China’s frozen food industry still has great development potential.

With the rise of leading brands in the hot pot material products industry and the emergence of new quick-frozen pastries, prefabricated dishes are expected to become a new blue ocean. According to Frost & Sullivan’s research data, the scale of China’s quick-frozen food industry has increased from 82.8 billion yuan in 2013 to 140 billion yuan in 2019, with a CAGR of 10.0%, and the quick-frozen food industry is growing by 100 billion yuan. Among them, the hot pot material industry has developed rapidly and entered a new stage of reshuffle and integration. The requirements for the supply chain, capital and quality of hot pot material enterprises have gradually improved. The scale advantages of Sanquan, Anjing and other leading enterprises have emerged, and the market share has further improved. New type pastry has become a new breakthrough in the quick-frozen rice noodle industry, and the popular new type pastry has become an important way for emerging enterprises to enter the market.

Prefabricated dishes are still in its infancy. With the help of the catering industry, the demand side is further expanded, and the emerging blue ocean market needs to be developed.

The supply and demand of quick-frozen food industry are booming, and the development of cold chain helps the growth of the industry. At present, the proportion of family demand in the consumer side is more than that in the catering side in China. The epidemic situation has given birth to a new high point in the consumption of quick-frozen food in the family side. We should strengthen the cultivation of consumer habits, cultivate fast-paced dining habits, and cultivate the young generation’s continuous growth in demand for quick-frozen food.

However, compared with overseas mature markets, there is still room for adjustment of BC consumption structure. With the rise of hot pot catering, the central kitchen mode promotes the further upgrading of catering mode, and the catering demand still has broad development space.

With the rise of the new retail model, the radiation radius of the national cold chain has increased, and the cold chain has been upgraded to the escort of quick-frozen food. Leading enterprises expand production and increase capacity, pay attention to new product research and development, and strengthen the supply side foundation.

The core barrier characteristics of the companies with comparable targets in the industry are obvious. Under the epidemic dividend, 2C enterprises benefit significantly, and the performance ushers in a new breakthrough. Among them, Sanquan food relies on three trump cards of dumplings, dumplings and pastry, plus the optimized management mode of red and green channels, and introduces the concepts of washing and baking, breakfast and meal preparation, which makes the old school’s leading position stable; Anjing food relies on the real estate marketing mode, BC two wheel drive, and introduces the strategy of large single product, combining with the advantages of national channels, and the development momentum is booming; Haixin food strengthens C Huifa food relies on the two main products of pill products and fried products, attaches importance to the optimization of market channels, delicately manages the dealer channels, and constantly strengthens the process of new product development; Qianwei central kitchen relies on the big name cooperative enterprises, combines customized products with general products, and produces high proportion of self-produced products to ensure product quality and high customer retention rate , focusing on customized R & D, supplemented by independent R & D, to explore new opportunities of pastry track.

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