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It is estimated that China’s single adult population will reach 92 million in 2021 From Ministry of Civil Affairs

The following is the It is estimated that China’s single adult population will reach 92 million in 2021 From Ministry of Civil Affairs recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data.

According to statistics from the Ministry of civil affairs, China’s single adult population reached 240 million in 2018, of which 77 million lived alone. It is also estimated that the second number will rise to 92 million by 2021. Among the single groups, the proportion of women in the population with marriageable and highly educated education has surpassed that of men, and it is more obvious in the first tier cities.

In recent years, China’s marriage rate continues to decline, the divorce rate continues to rise, resulting in more and more single people. The market predicts that the single population in China will reach 400 million in the future.

Sociologist Li Yinhe once analyzed the reasons for the single tide in a program. Marriage may not only mean that two people form a family, but also mean that two people need to bear more responsibilities and obligations.

For young people, being single is probably the happiest time than taking on the heavy load and dealing with complicated relationships.

After women become independent, there is no absolute reason to get married. In fact, the development of equality between men and women has a great influence on the “single tide”.

Fitness, yoga, tourism, cat It seems that there are always endless things to do. You don’t need to fall in love and get married at all. You can also live your life as you wish.

According to statistics, in 2019, China’s marriage registration authorities registered 9.471 million pairs of marriages and 4.154 million pairs of divorces, and nearly half of the couples chose to divorce.

It’s amazing how many people break up with each other every day. Divorce brings not only economic loss, but also emotional torture.

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