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Nearly 70% of respondents have two or more idle mobile phones From China Home Appliance Research Institute

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With the acceleration of mobile phone update iteration, many young people have many idle mobile phones in their hands. According to the “white paper 2019 of China’s waste electrical and electronic products recycling and comprehensive utilization industry” issued by China household electrical appliances research institute in 2020, the theoretical scrap amount of mobile phones in China in 2019 is about 289 million, and the weight is about 57800 tons. For idle mobile phones, will you choose recycling?

Recently, a survey of 2011 respondents conducted by the social survey center of China Youth Daily through the questionnaire network shows that 69.3% of the respondents have two or more idle mobile phones. 59.4% of the respondents said they would keep idle mobile phones as spare phones, and 44.9% would give them to their parents and elders. For mobile phone recycling, 78.5% of the respondents were worried about divulging personal privacy. 74.4% of the respondents hope to establish a safe and reliable mobile phone recycling platform to protect their personal rights and interests.

Nearly 70% of respondents have two or more idle mobile phones

Li Wei (a pseudonym), a post-80s youth living in Bengbu, Anhui Province, said that due to his work, he would keep a mobile phone for standby, while other mobile phones would be used by his parents. “I don’t change my cell phone very often. I change one every year and a half. Now the quality of mobile phones is very good, and their service life is very long. Some mobile phones with relatively good functions will be left to their parents. Now some mobile phones also support remote assistance. When parents can’t operate, I can help them operate remotely, which is more convenient. “.

Zhou Fei (a pseudonym) after 1995 had two idle mobile phones. One was given to his family, and the other was relatively new, which was put on the recycling platform of a website. Because the value preservation rate of mobile phones is high, there can be a lot of income through recycling. “It’s similar to the value I expected, but it’s useless to keep it in hand. It’s better to give it away.”.

According to the survey, 59.4% of the respondents said they would keep idle mobile phones as spare machines, 44.9% would give them to their parents and elders, 28.7% would sell them on second-hand websites / recycling websites, and 25.8% would ignore them.

78.5% of the respondents were worried that mobile phone recycling would leak personal privacy

The survey shows that more than half of the respondents are cautious about mobile phone recycling. The main reason is that they are worried that mobile phone recycling will cause data leakage and privacy exposure, accounting for 78.5%.

“Now the technology is too advanced, even if it is to restore the factory settings, it is difficult to ensure that personal information will not be leaked.” Zhang Cheng (a pseudonym) of the post-90s said that he would rather have his mobile phone idle than send it for recycling. “He is always worried that others will retrieve my data and use it for other purposes.”.

Zhou Fei, who has had the experience of mobile phone recycling, said that now mobile phone recycling needs to fill in the relevant information of mobile phone on the website, such as model, purchase time, new and old status, etc. the platform will give the valuation according to the information filled in, and you can choose to send it or collect it on your door. “I usually choose the recycler to come to collect, which can reduce the damage that may occur in the delivery process. In addition, I will ask the recycler to restore the phone’s factory settings and delete personal information on the spot. However, Zhou Fei thinks that the lack of supervision of the whole recycling process is a big problem. Generally, the recycler checks the quality of the mobile phone on site to determine the value of the mobile phone. “I think this judgment is too subjective. For example, there is a slight scratch on the mobile phone, which does not affect the normal use at all, and 100 yuan will be deducted. I think the mobile phone value is unilaterally has the final say by the recycling personnel, which is not reasonable.

According to the survey, in addition to worrying about privacy leakage, 55.8% of the respondents said that there was no formal and reliable recycling channel, 46.7% worried that the recycling price was lower than the expected value, and 37.5% said that the whereabouts of the recycled mobile phones were unknown and worried about damaging the environment.

In the survey, 74.4% of the respondents expected to establish a safe and reliable recycling platform.

Li Wei said that mobile phone recycling is now carried out by businesses, and it is a commercial activity. All rules has the final say of the business. Whether it is safe or not is also the result of the businessman’s conscience. It is necessary to establish a truly safe and reliable recycling platform.

Zhang Cheng also thinks that the current mobile phone recycling process is too opaque. “It’s not clear how the mobile phone will be disposed of after being recycled. No one knows whether it will be renovated and put back into the market or disassembled.”. He believes that the relevant departments need to supervise this behavior, and it is better to announce it in time from the source to the flow direction. As an electronic product, mobile phones have many heavy metal components, which will cause great damage to the ecological environment if they are not handled properly, so it is necessary to supervise them.

In the survey, 61.6% of the respondents hope to establish a perfect mobile phone evaluation mechanism, 60.3% of the respondents expect to improve the mobile phone data processing technology to ensure personal privacy and security, and 51.8% of the respondents expect to improve the recycling process to form a traceability chain.

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